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STO marketing services are essential for attracting attention to the value of a project offering security tokens. In light of increased regulations, knowledge of the market and its framework becomes paramount for ensuring the success of a promotional campaign for STOs. The Flexe.io agency has the necessary competence and market experience to ensure the success of an STO campaign by relying on its expertise and advanced promotional instruments.

Security tokens are a phenomenon that has emerged on the crypto market as a clear-cut alternative to coins with their high profitability and volatility. Unlike their mined counterparts, security tokens are pre-issued and have a limited amount of units in circulation with their value pegged to a selected real-world asset that is being used as collateral. The examples of security tokens available on the market include such dollar-pegged assets as USDT, or oil-pegged, like the Venezuelan Petro. Whichever the underlying asset or the concept of security token issuance, all projects opting for such an asset face two main issues – regulation and marketing.

The abundance of scams and fraud projects on the market makes promoting risky and relatively unregulated assets as security tokens a challenging undertaking. Crypto market audiences have grown accustomed to the requirements of the US Securities and Exchange Commission – the SEC – with its negative and highly demanding stance on security tokens. As such, when preparing to release a security token, projects must realize that proper promotion is the key.

What is STO Marketing?

Security tokens are often placed on sale before potential investors through a crowdfunding event known as a Security Token Offering. Much like their other counterparts like the ICO, IEO, or any other, an STO needs to be properly promoted, which is where STO marketing comes into play.

STO marketing services include a set of actions and online activities that are aimed at promoting the security token on offer and its advantages through positive positioning of the issuing project before potential investors. The tools used by an STO marketing agency specializing in security token promotion involve many of the same instruments used for promoting other digital assets with special focus on legality and stability. Among the tools employed in STO promotion are:

  • Informative website creation;
  • Focus on legality;
  • Community building;
  • Publications in leading media;
  • Highlighting of partnerships and constant press-releases;
  • Onboarding of prominent figures and other means.

STO PR is vital to the success of an STO, since communication is the key to conveying the core message of the project and convincing audiences of the viability and value of the asset being promoted.

STO Marketing Process

The process of STO marketing always starts with proper analysis of the project and the product to identify its positioning, strengths, weaknesses, market niche and potential audience. One analysis has been concluded, an experienced marketing team must start undertaking the steps necessary to start the promotion campaign.

The first step is always the creation of an effective, brisk and informative website that provides ample information regarding the security token, its backing and application. Adherence to the virtues of blockchain transparency and financial soundness are the key when exhibiting the combination of traditional asset-backing and decentralized advantages that a security token can provide to its users. The website must also clearly highlight the legality of the project and its support on the part of the SEC with all necessary documentation to assure investors that the asset can be used globally.

The next step is relying on the media for generating interest around the project and spreading the word about its product offering. Both traditional and decentralized media outlets must be employed to publish articles and include native advertising. Listing on prominent exchanges is vital to ensure trading availability and visibility of the asset.

Once word has been spread about the security token and the STO is underway, traffic must be generated to the website in the form of real users who will be ushered into the funnel for carrying out target actions – participation in the STO. Depending on the venue of the STO – an exchange or a proprietary website – traffic will be either consisting of exchange users or unique audience members who must be retained to form the backbone of the community. Constant communication with the community is the key to forming a user base that will be providing liquidity.

STO Marketing Research

Whenever a new stablecoin is being introduced on the market, the STO agency called upon to tailor its marketing strategy must first conduct expensive and in-depth research of the market to evaluate the potential the asset has. A comprehensive STO marketing strategy that an STO agency must conduct has to include a broad spectrum of market metrics and focus on the main constituent elements of value that are expected from a stablecoin.

Among the first factors that STO marketing services as part of research must focus on is investor expectations. The STO marketing company has to conduct analysis of the reasons why investors seek to buy stablecoins and whether the asset in question fulfills their existing criteria, or has the potential of tailoring into projected trends. The ability to foresee the potential of an asset in the future is what allows experienced marketers to determine how to position the asset in question and deploy the marketing campaign as a whole.

The next stage that has to be considered as part of STO marketing research is focusing on the risks involved. Any new asset, especially one as regulated and controversial as stablecoins, has to be considered from a risk standpoint. Investor sentiment is key here and has to be analyzed as well, taking into account the degree of risk the asset offers and the returns it proposes.

Overall, such research allows the STO marketing company not only to evaluate the direction of the marketing strategy, but also to offer the stablecoin issuing project invaluable advice and insight into their own product. By evaluating their strengths and weaknesses in light of the research, the project can adjust their product offering and thus field a more demanded product that can be promoted through a more diverse set of channels.

STO Marketing Strategy

Any sound STO marketing strategy must include a number of approaches and fundamental components that will ensure the promotion and brand image formation of the project in question.

The first element that an STO marketing agency has to consider and develop is the client’s mindset through a series of consultations. After in-depth analysis of the project, the agency’s professionals must rely on their experience and expertise in giving the project advice regarding their positioning, market proposition and prospects. Such analysis and ensuing consultation are vital to prepare the client for the promotional campaign and dissuade any illusions or delusions regarding the product.

The next step following consultation is market research, which will take into account the key elements of the project and juxtapose them with the market. Such comparison will not only allow the marketers to identify more weak points in the project, but also establish connections with the market and single out avenues that can be used to promote the project more effectively.

The next stage is the development of a marketing strategy, which will be based on the positioning of the product, its offering, the prevalent legal situation on the selected market, the competition, and the channels for promotion. The professionals of the STO agency will have to tailor STO PR activities as part of the promotional campaign as well, taking into account the target audience of the product and their expectations from new market entrants. The marketing strategy has to take into account overall market sentiment as well and provide sufficient grounds for deciding whether the time for entering the market is right, or the promotional campaign should be launched at a more favorable date, when the market starts moving upwards.

The last phase is the selection of the channels for promotion. Considering the specifics of stablecoins, the channels that have to be involved must include prominent industry experts who have to be onboarded to advocate for the project and inspire confidence as opinion leaders. Apart from influencers, standard digital marketing channels, social networks, as well as specialized crypto and traditional media have to be engaged in publishing high quality promotional content about the product.

All of these efforts are aimed at arousing interest for the project and building up excitement in expectation of launch. A wholesome STO marketing strategy is more than just promotion, it is a complex series of steps that have to be taken with strict adherence to timeframes and market movements to leverage the peak points of investor interest in the product on offer.

What We Can Offer?

An STO is only as good as the marketing campaign backing it. That is why a project deciding to launch an STO must resort to the services of a professional marketing agency with sufficient experience on the market. The hallmarks of experience are the availability of proven use cases, testimonials and successful marketing campaigns backed by figures.

Agencies like Flexe.io are a perfect example of proven and experienced STO marketing professionals boasting a host of over 30 services tailored for promoting STO projects. The scope of services and their affordability and consistency of execution place reputable agencies like Flexe.io into a league of their own as go-to solutions for STO marketing efforts.

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