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The easiest way to grow your community is to run an airdrop campaign.

We have conducted over 70 airdrops and can guarantee 20,000 unique and active users that will join your community. As for twitter, our latest airdrop campaign lead to 129.000 views on tweet that airdrop users had to retweet.

However, none of them will be engaged. None of them will become your clients or investors.

These are airdrop hunters, who jump from one airdrop to another solely for monetary gain.

There are three main reasons why our clients conduct airdrops:

  • They instantly get thousands of users in their community, making their project look more credible.
  • They use airdrop hunters for buzz in social media, receiving numerous likes, reposts, and traffic from various social media channels due to high activity.
  • A better SEO indexation for your project – higher social media activity enhances SEO, which Google loves.

What you get:

  • Tips on how to do a “smart airdrop” and save millions of tokens.
  • Tips on how to avoid a token drop once you get listed on the exchange.
  • Creation of a step-by-step guide for your airdrop with smart airdrop activities that allow you to get free organic traffic and hype.
  • Creation of your personal Telegram bot with a lovely admin panel that not only allows you to download the database and see all the stats but also send private messages via the bot to all airdrop participants. The bot also has an excellent captcha to ensure that only real people without bots join.
  • Airdrop promotion and traffic.
  • Support within the airdrop campaign.

80% of airdrop participants complete several tasks (activities).

This means that, in general, you’ll get 2 or 3 times more users than 20k.

For example, 1 user may join your Telegram chat/channel, follow you on Twitter and like your Facebook page, resulting in 4 subscribers in total, but it will only count as 1 unique airdrop user.

These are the stats of one of our clients: a total of 60k users, 52k of whom passed the captcha (so there are no bots), and 119k total activity.



Detailed success case for the airdrop campaign

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Case studies

  • Crypto PR & Marketing for MaskEx platform

  • NFT Marketing for The World’s first Muay Thai NFT project

  • Airdrop Marketing for Techplay.io


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