Best marketing strategies for STO promotion in 2021

Background of the issue

Startups prefer ICO to IPO

With ICO advent to the market, such a complex procedure as IPO wasn’t required for many startups. Being a traditional way to raise funds, IPO was mainly unavailable for young companies due to its high cost and other things. A growing value of crypto coins in 2017 popularized the ICO format, so the alternative method of fundraising was incredibly successful.  The reason is clear. It allows to start fundraising without the necessity to comply with complex legal requirements, and this is exactly what new companies want when they need to start the activity without delay. STO promotion

Investors’ risks, market volatility, a safer alternative

At a time when ICOs were highly popular, investors were spending money without understanding the risks. The cryptocurrency market is volatile, and crowds of users are always ready to cash in on any popular topic. Many unpleasant situations took place until the investors gained some experience and learned to avoid them.

An understanding emerged of what a reliable market mechanism looked like It was clear that the market needed it badly. STO or Security Token Offering has become a part of a new concept. Investors could rely upon some protection when a new financial tool appeared.

The launch of the STO is more complicated than ICO. Therefore, the company may need the services of a marketing agency to complete the STO. What are the key factors of success that determine the best marketing strategies for STO promotion? What should you do to reach the goal?

Introduce a team of experts

Investors should trust you and see that you’re a reliable player in the market. You can show a highly efficient team to them: CEOs, CTOs, developers, marketers and other members of the team who are ready to work to achieve success. This is the main factor of success when you start a crypto project. There is a profound idea behind it. When you first see a person and decide to trust the one, people working for the agency affect you, not some facts and figures. Marketers should take it into consideration.

Add a vibe of exclusivity to your product

Create a list of investors for a STO that is known as whitelist. This is a list of people who believed in you from the start, those who were sure that you should be trusted. There is a notion of angel investors in the crypto sphere, so these people really perform such a role for you.  They just believed in them. This move increases the reliability of the project. After the work started, whitelist investors got a full range of benefits. The task of marketers is to build a mechanism to attract people’s attention to the STO at the initial stages.

Write a good white paper

Make sure that the white paper is correct, informative, and well-designed. This is the main source of information about the project, and a lot of investor attention is focused on it.

Chatting on forums

Look for the marketing agencies focused on the crypto niche. Those who do, definitely, work with crypto forums, as it is impossible to promote the crypto service without using social media. They will help you to enter the world of crypto enthusiasts and raise awareness of your brand there. 

Good content is a fuel

You need a constant stream of content everywhere. Trust the marketing experts with your content strategy: press releases, media relations, articles, reviews, video content, and so on. It is important to make the content understandable and useful to people.

A reliable platform for STO as the beginning of everything

STO should not have technical obstacles in the process of implementation. Find a trusted infrastructure to get started. The platform should provide a KYC/AML verification service for investors. Polymath is a reliable example of such a platform.

It’s important to think about several alternatives when selecting a floor for cryptocurrency. You can win the best solution in terms of price and quality, but insider information plays an important role. A specialized marketing agency should have this information. With a partnership, you can count on a successful choice of infrastructure in accordance with any budget and needs. How do you check for insights from marketers? Ask them about it.

Also, an STO promotion strategy will require influencer involvement, community development, and so on. The more channels involved, the greater the chances of success. Get your marketing strategy right!