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  • Centurion Invest

    Centurion Invest


    @Flexe_io has increased CTR by 200% for our ads within 7 days !!!!

  • Minionverse



    Great to be working with an experienced NFT marketing agency. flexe.io
    Check them out!

  • Gulf Coin Official

    Gulf Coin Official


    We are Glad to announce officially our Collaboration with one of the top companies worldwide that adopted and fully supported $GULF Projects FLEXE @flexe_io

  • Wyvern Saga

    Wyvern Saga


    We're really happy that we are collab with @Flexe_io to help our brand awareness. Beautiful work!

  • GoFundMeInu



    We got on board Full-Stack Marketing & PR agency @Flexe_io
    Those wonderful peps will help us in our first ads campaign $GFMI TRUST AND HYPE. We will bump hard on bitcointalk, cryptotalk, 4chan! $HLD #freelon $BAPE #Ethereum #ERC20 #uniswap and yes #LUNAtics welcome we #SAFU

  • TechPay Coin

    TechPay Coin


    Proud To Announce Our Collaboration With Top Tier Marketing Firm

  •  Artik



    Many thanks to our Marketing Partner http://Flexe.io @Flexe_io for helping us get featured on #YahooFinance #YahooNews #YahooMoney #MarketWatch. It was a pleasure working with you guys.

  • MaskEX



    We had a great partnership with http://Flexe.io @Flexe_io in getting featured on @YahooFinance, @CoinCodex, @Crypto_Potato. Thanks for your hard work and enthusiasm. It was our pleasure to work with such professionals.

  • Predict Vision

    Predict Vision


    Many thanks to our marketing partner http://Flexe.io @flexe_io for helping us run airdrop campaign and increase 20% our community!

  • $GOGE DogeGaySon

    $GOGE DogeGaySon


    Our marketing agency is confirmed! We are very happy to announce our partnership with @Flexe_io who specialize in Full-Stack Marketing & PR for Crypto & FinTech companies. We will be working close together with their team to give $GOGE the exposure it deserve

  • JB_Gallant



    220% Up since the start of @Flexe_io Press Release with @YahooFinance

  • Meo.tools Official

    Meo.tools Official


    We happily to announce our collaboration with http://Flexe.io - a Marketing Agency. They have experience to prepare Pr campaign for famous projects: Apeswap, Ramp Defi... We expect this action will bring benefit for http://Meo.tools in our next chapter. Stay tuned!

  • @cro_classic

    Thrilled to announce that we have gone up to our PR campaign with the help of our marketing partner http://Flexe.io @flexe_io & @cro_classic

  • Hodl Finance

    Hodl Finance


    Marketing collaboration. We would like to thank @Flexe_io for supporting us during the launch of Hodl Finance. The campaign was a great success and we look forward to future collaborations!

  • Carboncoin



    With our airdrop coming to an end shortly we would like to thank one of our marketing partners and our airdrop managers @flexe_io for helping us seccessfully reach 35k participants!

  • Alien Punks

    Alien Punks


    Expect big social media exposure ! Our official marketing partner http://Flexe.io @flexe_io has join us to drive our marketing campaign and take our #cryptoalienpunks all around the world Stay tuned for our next marketing partnership !

  • DEFiDO NFT Soon

    DEFiDO NFT Soon


    We have also engaged our marketing partner http://Flexe.io to start our Chinese and Asian continent marketing in general, This will begin shortly.




    Kudos to our marketing partner http://Flexe.io @flexe_io for helping us drive our PR campaign!

  • DCMC Platform

    DCMC Platform


    ANNOUNCEMENT Our marketing partner http://Flexe.io @flexe_io has helped $DCMC to drive our PR campaign and we got published at;

  • DeFiScale



    More than 54k participants took part in the Airdrop contest. Our team will process contestants list and 1000+ lucky winners will receive prizes, although remember the Airdrop distribution is planned for July 2022. The Airdrop campaign was conducted with @Flexe_io #DeFiScale #DFC

  • Revolve Games

    Revolve Games


    Thrilled to be working alongside with @Flexe_io. Their airdrop and marketing services are truly second to none. Together we are creating something remarkable!

  • BIMP



    Beyond grateful for our marketing partner http://Flexe.io @Flexe_io! Their team helped us drive our PR campaign and we got published at http://News.Yahoo.com!

  • PolkaSyndicate



    Big thanks to our marketing partners http://Flexe.io for helping us drive over 80,000 users to our program with our airdrop campaign! http://Flexe.io is the best marketing company for cryptocurrency projects.

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