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  • Minionverse



    Great to be working with an experienced NFT marketing agency.
    Check them out!

  • Gulf Coin Official

    Gulf Coin Official


    We are Glad to announce officially our Collaboration with one of the top companies worldwide that adopted and fully supported $GULF Projects FLEXE @flexe_io

  • Wyvern Saga

    Wyvern Saga


    We're really happy that we are collab with @Flexe_io to help our brand awareness. Beautiful work!

  • NFT2Metaverse



    Great to be working with an experienced NFT marketing agency.
    Check them out!

  • GoFundMeInu



    We got on board Full-Stack Marketing & PR agency @Flexe_io
    Those wonderful peps will help us in our first ads campaign $GFMI TRUST AND HYPE. We will bump hard on bitcointalk, cryptotalk, 4chan! $HLD #freelon $BAPE #Ethereum #ERC20 #uniswap and yes #LUNAtics welcome we #SAFU

  • TechPay Coin

    TechPay Coin


    Proud To Announce Our Collaboration With Top Tier Marketing Firm

  •  Artik



    Many thanks to our Marketing Partner @Flexe_io for helping us get featured on #YahooFinance #YahooNews #YahooMoney #MarketWatch. It was a pleasure working with you guys.

  • MaskEX



    We had a great partnership with @Flexe_io in getting featured on @YahooFinance, @CoinCodex, @Crypto_Potato. Thanks for your hard work and enthusiasm. It was our pleasure to work with such professionals.

  • Predict Vision

    Predict Vision


    Many thanks to our marketing partner @flexe_io for helping us run airdrop campaign and increase 20% our community!




    Great to be working with an experienced NFT marketing agency. Check them out!

  • $GOGE DogeGaySon

    $GOGE DogeGaySon


    Our marketing agency is confirmed! We are very happy to announce our partnership with @Flexe_io who specialize in Full-Stack Marketing & PR for Crypto & FinTech companies. We will be working close together with their team to give $GOGE the exposure it deserve

  • JB_Gallant



    220% Up since the start of @Flexe_io Press Release with @YahooFinance

  • Official Official


    We happily to announce our collaboration with - a Marketing Agency. They have experience to prepare Pr campaign for famous projects: Apeswap, Ramp Defi... We expect this action will bring benefit for in our next chapter. Stay tuned!

  • @cro_classic

    Thrilled to announce that we have gone up to our PR campaign with the help of our marketing partner @flexe_io & @cro_classic

  • Hodl Finance

    Hodl Finance


    Marketing collaboration. We would like to thank @Flexe_io for supporting us during the launch of Hodl Finance. The campaign was a great success and we look forward to future collaborations!

  • Carboncoin



    With our airdrop coming to an end shortly we would like to thank one of our marketing partners and our airdrop managers @flexe_io for helping us seccessfully reach 35k participants!

  • Alien Punks

    Alien Punks


    Expect big social media exposure ! Our official marketing partner @flexe_io has join us to drive our marketing campaign and take our #cryptoalienpunks all around the world Stay tuned for our next marketing partnership !

  • DEFiDO NFT Soon

    DEFiDO NFT Soon


    We have also engaged our marketing partner to start our Chinese and Asian continent marketing in general, This will begin shortly.




    Kudos to our marketing partner @flexe_io for helping us drive our PR campaign!

  • DCMC Platform

    DCMC Platform


    ANNOUNCEMENT Our marketing partner @flexe_io has helped $DCMC to drive our PR campaign and we got published at;

  • DeFiScale



    More than 54k participants took part in the Airdrop contest. Our team will process contestants list and 1000+ lucky winners will receive prizes, although remember the Airdrop distribution is planned for July 2022. The Airdrop campaign was conducted with @Flexe_io #DeFiScale #DFC

  • Revolve Games

    Revolve Games


    Thrilled to be working alongside with @Flexe_io. Their airdrop and marketing services are truly second to none. Together we are creating something remarkable!

  • BIMP



    Beyond grateful for our marketing partner @Flexe_io! Their team helped us drive our PR campaign and we got published at!

  • PolkaSyndicate



    Big thanks to our marketing partners for helping us drive over 80,000 users to our program with our airdrop campaign! is the best marketing company for cryptocurrency projects.

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