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BSC Token Marketing For Projects Seeking Value

Though the Binance Smart Chain offers a host of promotional services, they are often insufficient to ensure proper BSC token promotion for projects deploying on the popular network. The agency offers a dedicated and fully project-oriented approach to developing a marketing strategy focused on generating value among target and potential audiences via a complex set of initiatives and campaigns based on years of market experience.

The crypto market relies on the blockchains and infrastructures supporting it. One of the main networks to have emerged in recent times is the Binance Smart Chain, which offers projects the opportunity to advance their assets using the in-built capabilities of the Binance network.

As the biggest exchange on the market with the largest capitalization, Binance attracts traders and users seeking investments in promising assets. But even the best conceived project that manages to get listed or issue its assets on the Binance Smart Chain will need to have BSC token marketing services employed to ensure promotion and visibility.

What is BSC?

The BSC, or Binance Smart Chain can be considered a parallel blockchain that runs adjacent to the Binance Network. The advantages and technical capabilities offered by the DSC are many, including ultra-fast trading, compatibility and interoperability with the Ethereum network and others.

The BSC runs using the BNB token, considering that the underlying mechanism is PoS and runs alongside the Binance Network. The underlying Proof of Staked Authority, or PoSA, consensus algorithm requires holders to stake their BNB tokens and receive rewards from block validation. The constantly decreasing amount of BNB in circulation acts as an added incentive.

Projects releasing their assets on the BSC can rely on DeFi mechanisms provided on the platform and can easily include their tokens into pool pairs, thus providing near instant access to liquidity.

What is BSC Marketing?

Marketing is still required for any project issuing its asset on the Binance Smart Chain. The reasons are simple – visibility is not automatically guaranteed by presence on the BSC and communities need to be convinced of the profitability of any given asset.

Though the Binance Smart Chain is well-known on the market and has millions of users, translating those users into community members of a specific project requires efforts, which specialized agencies can offer.

BSC Promotion Tools

At its core, BSC token promotion is a set of instruments and activities undertaken to promote an asset of a project released on the BSC. BSC token advertising takes the form of a number of tools inherited form other marketing sectors of the crypto industry, and include the following:

  •         BSC ads placed on the platform;
  •         Native inclusion of project channels into forums on the BSC;
  •         Project website tailoring for BSC integration;
  •         Publications in leading media;
  •         Community building through events, promotions and other activities;
  •         Traffic generation via SEO techniques.

Quality PR for BSC listed projects is vital to ensure the transition of platform users into traffic that is directed to the project’s website. Ultimately, this, in conjunction with promotion of the project’s value-generating capabilities, can attract liquidity and lead users to commit target actions.

What We Can Offer?

Having an in-house marketing team is an expensive and laborious undertaking that few projects can afford or manage properly. That is why attracting the services of a dedicated marketing agency specializing in BSC promotion is vital. The expertise of any given agency can be determined by the amount of proven cases and testimonials it has.

An example of a BSC token marketing agency that has proven market expertise is, which offers a range of 30 services at affordable pricing packages for promoting projects of any scale or sector.

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