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GameFi is a major new direction in both decentralized space and the gaming industry. By giving users the ability to tokenize assets and earn real fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies for their achievements in games through the merger of gaming mechanics and finance, GameFi opens an entirely new dimension in entertainment with a purpose.

Among the most popular and successful games in the space are Axie Infinite, My Neighbor Alice, Decentraland, and many others, all of which involve the opportunity of making real money for in-game actions.

With the increase in the number of GameFi projects, competition among them has also gone up, resulting in the need for promotional instruments capable of attracting both decentralized market and traditional gaming users into the space. One of the most innovative methods is GameFi influencer marketing, which involves the attraction of a new breed of opinion leaders called GameFi influencers to the effort of promoting various decentralized games. The influencer GameFi direction is rapidly gaining attention and top GameFi influencers are starting to make names for themselves by building repute and credibility among growing audiences of followers.

What is GameFi Influencers Marketing?

The GameFi influencer marketing strategy involves approaching experienced GameFi participants who run their own social media channels for the purpose of incorporating promotional messages into their content. Such an approach guarantees that the followers of GameFi influencers will be exposed to the advertising and will have a clear representation of what the promoted project is all about and what value it can bring.

How can Influencer Marketing Work in GameFi?

Given that GameFi is a relatively new phenomenon, many gamers and decentralized market participants are unfamiliar with the mechanics and the games available on the market. As such, GameFi influencers step in as testers and experts who try out new games by playing them and then share their opinions with their followers. The followers, in turn, heed the advice of the opinion leader and make a decision about whether the reviewed project is interesting or not. By leveraging the expertise of GameFi influencers, projects are able to directly display both their GameFi service’s gameplay mechanics and the value it provides players through the content created by the influencer.

Choosing the Right GameFi Influencer

GameFi influencers are separated by genres and directions of the content they generate. As such, projects selecting an influencer must first analyze the genre of games the candidate plays, as well as a set of other criteria. Among them are the size of the influencer’s audience, the conversion rates, the quality of content, and many other factors that will affect engagement of users to the project.

What We Can Offer

The agency has been at the forefront of GameFi market promotion since the start and has established firm connections with the top influencers promoting projects. With the best interests of its clients at heart, is determined to match projects with the most suitable influencer and guarantee high returns on investment.


The GameFi sector is developing rapidly, demanding the adjustment of promotional strategies in light of the abundance of competing games. The influencer marketing approach is extremely effective in this regard, and is aimed at delivering quality contacts to its clients for conversions of followers into players.

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