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Are you convinced of the potential of influencer marketing but have had a negative experience with it?

Do you have in-house marketing managers who lack sufficient experience working with influencers, and are you looking to scale traffic through influencer campaigns?

We can help you create an influencer marketing department and scale your influencer campaigns. With our assistance, you could potentially have up to 15-25 in-house influencer managers to cover all 400,000 crypto influencers worldwide.

In a one-hour consultation, we can teach you:

  • How to conduct influencer discovery and where to find databases of crypto influencers
  • How to filter influencers based on the date of their post or video, engagement, and comment rates
  • How to contact them effectively and what script to use for emails and messages to achieve a good open rate and response conversion
  • How to entice them to work with you
  • How to verify whether a person has access to the channel or blog that you’re interested in and avoid scams
  • How to negotiate pricing
  • How to produce videos that maximize results
  • How to scale influencers
  • Key points to include in videos or posts to get the maximum return on investment
  • How to manage video production deadlines
  • How to track results in Google Analytics
  • The best video structure to use
  • Referral programs and commission-based work with influencers
  • How to work with your audience after reviews to increase your business’s conversion rates

Case studies

  • Crypto PR & Marketing for MaskEx platform

  • NFT Marketing for The World’s first Muay Thai NFT project

  • Airdrop Marketing for


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