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Some stats about our database:

  • We have 1900 crypto influencers on YouTube
  • We scan them on a monthly basis, and only include those who have uploaded at least one video within the last 30 days, ensuring that the channels are active.
  • Each influencer has an average of 300 to 331,000 views per video across their last five videos.
  • If we combine the average views for one video across all of these channels, there are over 10 million unique views, or 807,289 clicks to your website (assuming a minimum 8% CTR). This allows us to do influencer marketing for you for years to come.
  • We not only know the country of registration for each channel, but also the top 5 countries where their audience is located.

Influencer marketing is the most in-demand service offered by our agency, as it consistently shows the best return on investment. We have focused on YouTube as video marketing is much more effective than short tweets or platforms such as Telegram and Discord.

We have made the entire influencer marketing process transparent, creating an influencer ROI calculator where you can input your business’ stats and metrics. Based on our experience, this calculator will provide a forecast and estimation of reviews by the influencers we work with.

We utilize our own software, as well as nine paid services, to analyze the following 19 metrics:

  • Subscribers
  • Views
  • Likes
  • Comments
  • Like Rate
  • Comment Rate
  • Reaction Rate
  • Average views on videos
  • Frequency of videos
  • Engagement rate
  • Like-comment ration
  • Countries
  • Language
  • Search Volume
  • Channel Quality Rate
  • Channel CPM
  • Virality
  • Price for 1 click from the view
  • Price for 1 lead from the click

If you use our free influencer calculator (which you can request from our sales team) and find that your conversions are good enough, it’s time to launch your influencer marketing campaign right away. Our goal is to establish a long-term partnership with you, and our database allows us to work with you for years, making multiple reviews every month and scaling your traffic from YouTube.

What we do

  • Discovery: We analyze and propose channels that are most relevant to your project based on its type and the regions of viewers that you want to target.
  • We help you create an effective brief for influencers to increase the chances of them accepting your project for review.
  • We help you create a scenario for a review that maximizes results and sales for each review.
  • Outreach: We contact the influencers with all the necessary information and get back to you for final approval.
  • We ensure that the influencer is the owner of the channel, so you have zero risks of getting scammed.
  • Our team members handle all communication.
  • We control the entire video production process, including deadlines and the video’s title and snippet to maximize views.
  • We ensure that there is a UTM tag inside the link so that both you and we can track the results via Google Analytics and see conversion rates.
  • We monitor the statistics and conversions from each review via Google Analytics, provide you with reports, and scale your campaign.

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Case studies

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  • NFT Marketing for The World’s first Muay Thai NFT project

  • Airdrop Marketing for


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