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The ICO era may have ended back in 2018 with a loud crash against the rampant fraud and the icy grip of the ensuing crypto winter, but the concept of crowdfunding on the decentralized market has not faded into the history books. Instead, the ICO market of today is a logical and considerably more civilized, secure, and profitable iteration of its ancestor. With added security layers, relative regulation and legality, as well as the backing of major names in the industry, the ICO has evolved into the IDO – the Initial DEX Offering – a crowdfunding venue hosted by DEXs – decentralized exchanges.

With the growing number of IDOs, the need for promotional services capable of making users aware of available offerings is becoming evident. As such, IDO influencer marketing has emerged as a novel form of advertising that is rapidly gaining popularity. The IDO influencers are essentially experienced users of decentralized exchanges, or professionals who specialize in participating in IDOs for the purpose of analyzing various projects being launched on such venues. The influencer can also be any figure with a substantial following on social media channels, which was attracted through quality content and expert opinions on matters of interest to followers.

Influencer IDO marketing is not only effective and more engaging than banner advertising, but also gives projects the chance to compare their offerings against those of competitors. The abundance of top IDO influencers on the market is another major advantage that gives projects freedom of choice when building their marketing strategies.

What is IDO Influencers Marketing?

The concept of influencer marketing relies on the dissemination of information about a project through the incorporation of its value offering into the content generated by social media bloggers – the influencers. Such an approach is considerably more organic and attractive for viewers, who prefer to believe the opinion of a person they have rapport with, rather than a faceless banner ad.

How can Influencer Marketing Work in IDO?

Given that IDOs are public events, the availability of users with experience in both the process of partaking in IDOs and dealing with the ensuing operations is a valuable source of information for inexperienced newcomers into decentralized space. Projects can leverage such opinion leaders to promote their IDOs that are being launched and thus attract users with liquidity to spend.

Choosing the Right IDO Influencer

The abundance of influencers is making projects spoiled for choice. However, the core qualities that a project should evaluate when selecting an influencer include the quality of their content, the direction of their blogging, the size of the following, and the possibility of organic promotion integration on favorable terms.

What We Can Offer

The agency has numerous credentials for launching IDOs ever since the advent of the phenomenon. As such, the professionals at the agency have all the necessary connections with top market influencers and can negotiate the most favorable placement terms for their clients. By leveraging their expertise and goodwill, the professionals at are dedicated to providing their clients with the best rates and effectiveness of marketing strategies.


The IDO is the next step in ICO evolution and influencers are playing a major role in popularizing the crowdfunding venue. can help its clients match the best influencers for their projects at the best terms and with high efficiency.

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