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IEO Marketing Complex Services

IEO advertising requires a comprehensive and all-encompassing approach that will attract the attention of both exchange users and investors from outside the platform. The Flexe.io agency offers a tailored approach to marketing strategy development that will include various outreach programs, content creation, and advertising efforts aimed at maximizing target audience reach and project promotion on the broader market.

Crowdfunding never stops, it evolves and changes shape, but the core concept always stays the same – attracting funds from retail and institutional investors for a venture promising returns based on the development of an innovative and useful service or product. The decentralized market is no different and has evolved from the mass application and popularization of the crowdfunding model known as the Initial Coin Offering, which took flight in 2017. However, since then, the ICO market has dwindled and given way to more advanced, regulated and secure models of crowdfunding.

The latest round of crowdfunding on the decentralized market emerged in the form of IEOs, or Initial Exchange Offerings, which are hosted by large digital asset exchanges. Such an approach is considered to be more civilized, secure and reliable, because the exchange hosts the crowdfunding event and provides all the necessary structural elements for collecting the funds of users attracted to the project offering its assets for sale. But while the IEO is more attractive, no project can hope to make full use of its potential without proper IEO marketing.

What is IEO Marketing?

The term IEO marketing refers to the set of actions a project and the hosting exchange have to take to ensure the success of an IEO promotion campaign. The undertaking consists of a set of IEO marketing services that are either provided by the exchange or, more often, by an IEO marketing agency that relies on a number of effective strategies and tools used for promoting projects seeking to attract funding from various audiences of the decentralized economy industry.

IEO PR is a vital element of any marketing strategy on the decentralized market, since the concept of IEO advertising is inextricably linked to constant, convincing communication with the audience. Despite the fact that IEOs are safer than ICOs, the mistrust of many users and potential clients of a project is linked to the fact that they need to see real value in the product offering. Mere listing for an IEO on an exchange is no longer sufficient grounds for attracting clients. And this is where IEO marketing comes into play.

IEO Promotion Tools

The tools used for crypto promoting IEOs are almost the same as those used for promoting decentralized projects on other platforms and for other methods of crowdfunding. However, an important factor acting in favor of the project is the exchange basis, which facilitates some of the channels of communication for the agency selected for conducting the promotional campaign. Among the instruments in the employ of IEO marketers are:

  • Advertising on the exchange via banners;
  • Publications of announcements of the IEO in media;
  • Posts in social media;
  • Advertising via social media;
  • Forum posts and announcements;
  • Newsletters and mailing lists.

Combined, the effect from such outreach instruments allows the project to spread the word about its product offering and ensure that a broader user base learns of the upcoming IEO. Such activities are largely called upon to generate quality traffic to the exchange hosting the IEO and the project website. It is also important to note that exchanges benefit from IEOs by receiving positive influxes of users who may not be engaged in the IEO, but will become interested in the platform itself.

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Marketing Strategy For IEO Project

The marketing strategy for an IEO platform starts with the project itself. An experienced IEO marketing agency will first conduct in-depth analysis of the project’s strengths and weaknesses to identify which elements can be leveraged to attract user attention.

The next step after effective analysis of the project is the creation of an informative and comprehensive website that will be welcoming to users who were redirected from the advertising banners and other channels. A website that hopes to retain users and must provide them with exhaustive information about the project in a limited amount of space while ushering them to join the IEO. The mentality of modern decentralized asset users is focused on security and profitability, not usability, which means that short and long term financial benefits on offer by the project must be put up in front.

The next stage is promotion itself, which involves the placement of advertising with great focus dedicated to the fact that the crowdfunding event is taking place on an exchange, thus leveraging the benefits of such a platform’s security and reputation.

The aim of promotion is generating traffic that has to be retained to form the backbone of the project’s future after the IEO in the form of a community that has to be motivated through constant communication. Such channels through messengers, social media and other means of communication must be established and tuned before the IEO is launched.

What We Can Offer

The success of an IEO marketing campaign relies largely on the strategy chosen for promotion and its consistent, quality implementation. That is why any project must first select a reputable IEO marketing agency with experience.

The main factors for selection are reputation, the availability of a broad spectrum of services on offer, cost-effectiveness and the presence of a client list with testimonials. Agencies like Flexe.io offer over 30 services for IEO promotion along with a host of testimonials proving their reputation and experience through years of operation on the market.

A reliable partner for promotion is the key to success on the decentralized market and only agencies like Flexe.io can ensure such success in a cost-efficient and effective manner.

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