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The decentralized finance market is one of the most attractive and profitable sectors of the blockchain industry. As a space composed of countless protocols and various services, the decentralized finance market is teeming with projects, all of which are vying for the attention and the liquidity of users.

With the growth of the yields and functionality offered by decentralized finance services, competition among projects has reached peak heights, and the instruments used to attract audiences have started to evolve. As part of their efforts to attract liquid users from other services, or from the traditional financial sector, DeFi services are starting to resort to a new type of marketing and advertising instrument that has been gaining considerable traction on the overall promotion market.

DeFi influencer marketing is the latest trend in DeFi promotion, as services, protocols and projects are turning to live, native, organic advertising of their value offerings to tap into available audiences of followers. Considering the fact that most followers of DeFi influencers are already avid users of decentralized financial services, it is not only relatively easy to promote DeFi tools through such means, but also cost-effective. Influencer DeFi marketing is an effective and engaging form of promotion that bootstraps user engagement and allows projects and protocols to select their channel of advertising from a wide range of top DeFi influencers operating on the market.

What is DeFi Influencers Marketing?

At its core, DeFi influencer marketing is the incorporation of advertising and promotion services performed by social media influencers into the overall marketing strategy of a project. This approach involves connection with an influencer for the purpose of negotiating the promotion of a service on their channel, or its discreet incorporation in a native form into the influencer’s content.

How can Influencer Marketing Work in DeFi?

Given that the DeFi market is heavily reliant on organic opinions of experts and experienced users, influencer marketing in this sector is an effective means of gaining the attention of market participants who are on the lookout for profitable platforms. By proposing an influencer to promote a service or protocol on their channels, such projects can instantly make a statement about their presence by piggybacking on the influencer’s weight and opinion.

Choosing the Right DeFi Influencer

The abundance of influencers and channels on the market makes it difficult for projects to select the right one. A clear guide for selecting the right influencer includes analysis of their audiences, the social media platforms they use, the type of content they generate, and the conversion rate they advertise.

What We Can Offer

The agency has been operating on the DeFi market since its inception and has accumulated a vast database of influencer contacts. Having established favorable working relations with the top influencers in DeFi, is able to offer its clients the best terms of placement and promotion across all available social media platforms, guaranteeing high conversion rates and effectiveness, as well as value for money.


The DeFi market is attracting considerable attention and is thus becoming a hotly-contested venue for promotional activities. The agency can help its clients take advantage of influencer marketing in DeFi – one of the most effective means of service advertising on the modern market.

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