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ICO Marketing On The Modern Market

ICO marketing services are an essential part of modern decentralized project promotional strategies, necessary for attracting the attention of both retail and institutional investors to a digital currency and its value offering. The Flexe.io agency stood at the outset of the market and now leverages all the necessary channels for achieving a high degree of ICO promotion and target investor attraction.

Many believe that the era of ICOs is long over, but they are sorely mistaken. The crowdfunding model has simply changed its name and migrated to other venues. The tokens being sold by an innumerable number of emerging projects are retaining and gaining value in light of the growing adoption and popularization of cryptocurrencies and other digital means of payment that are being accepted by an increasing number of payment gateways and retailers.

As such, ICO marketing is still alive and well – an indispensable factor in determining the success of a project preparing to launch its ICO, regardless of the venue or iteration. Given the whiff of fraud and scam that the ICO hype has left on the specific crowdfunding term, it is becoming difficult to outplay and morph the essence of the crowdfunding event in favor of the project and win user confidence. But modern and experienced ICO marketing agencies can make it happen.

What is ICO Marketing?

ICO marketing is essentially the process of ICO promotion and the presentation of a specific project before an audience of potential investors and users in a favorable light. The marketing process is often tied to direct communication with both the project and the potential community. Identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the project, as well as its competitive advantages is all part of ICO promotion services.

The process of ICO marketing also involves PR for ICO projects, since the image of a project is vital in the digital environment to make it stand out and garner the trust and confidence of potential users. By conveying the essence of an ICO crypto project and portraying it as a beneficial, viable and profitable undertaking, ICO marketing achieves the ultimate goal it is designed for – the performance of target actions by users.

ICO Promotion Tools

The tools available to an ICO marketing agency for promoting projects are not that different from the instruments employed for virtually every other type of marketing campaign. They include:

  • Tailored ICO ads;
  • Listings of projects on select exchanges and rating channels;
  • Forum discussions;
  • Social media posts and promotion;
  • Airdrops;
  • Contests;
  • Media publications.

The list of instruments is long and is largely related directly to the type of project and the media it is targeting to reach, which in itself depends on the application of its product or service. Regardless of the ICO promotion services, the core concept is always conveying the essence of the ICO project to users and peaking their interest.

Marketing Strategy For ICO Project

A comprehensive ICO marketing strategy always starts from proper analysis of the project and the market. Since the decentralized market is constantly in motion, so are the preferences and expectations of the enthusiasts of decentralized currencies and digital platforms. What could have been a surefire promotional strategy in 2017 is currently archaic and will attract nothing but humor and mockery from modern users, who have grown accustomed to entirely different investment sentiments, and are no longer content with, and no longer believe, in such concepts as merely buying tokens and waiting for them to gain value.

For an ICO promotional strategy to be effective, the project website must first be brought in line with the modern requirements of the crowdfunding market. A good design must involve the shoving of maximum essence and information into as little text as possible. Brisk and bright designs detract attention, making a highly informative and restrained, goal and user-oriented layout paramount that funnels users to a dedicated section of the website that motivates them to join the project community and commit target actions, essentially turning into effective traffic.

Once traffic has been generated, the focus of the marketing agency and the project must be directed at retaining and expanding it. The toolset used for the given purpose is broad and includes constant communication via social media, chats, forums and other means that will showcase project activity, proving ongoing development and vesting in community management. The greater the volumes of traffic – the higher the chances of target actions being performed.

With the traffic generated, the marketing campaign must take on the next step, which is generating hype around the project. Only heightened interest towards the project and mounting excitement from the community in anticipation of important launches and events will ensure a frenzy of buying of project assets. Such a strategy may seem simple, but it is a complicated and ongoing process that must be maintained constantly and meticulously.

What We Can Offer?

It is difficult, if not impossible for projects to single-handedly launch effective ICO marketing campaigns, since they are labor-intensive and costly. Relying on the services of a reputable, affordable and experienced marketing agency is therefore vital.

The basis for selection should be the experience of the agency, its reputation and the availability of real client testimonials. Agencies like Flexe.io offer ample cases and proof of their operations with a broad range of services on offer that span over 30 promotional avenues for ICO projects.

Summing Up

ICOs may be a thing of the past, but not the concept they stand for. As such, a project seeking to launch its ICO has every chance of success if it relies on a reputable and experienced ICO marketing agency like Flexe.io on its journey to development and community building.

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