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All-Round BEP-20 Token Marketing

BEP-20 token promotion is essential for projects seeking to be advertised on the Binance Smart Chain. The wholesome approach to BEP-20 token marketing provided by the agency takes into account all of the key factors surrounding the project. The agency will develop a holistic marketing strategy and deploy it across all relevant channels for achieving maximum impact and attracting considerable attention to the project and its product.

The ERC-20 token is good, but it can be better. The Ethereum network is the underlying infrastructure of the entire crypto market, occupying over 87% of all transactions. But it does have its limitations, which is where the Binance Smart Chain came in to extend the capabilities of projects in terms of token issuance and market fielding.

With the development of exchanges into full-fledged ecosystems and infrastructures in their own right, a new format of token was released in the form of BEP-20 on the Binance Smart Chain. And though the token does offer extended functionality and a level of autonomy in terms of issuance to projects, it still needs promotion to be recognized. Which is where BEP-20 token marketing services come into play.

What is BEP-20?

Simply put, the BEP-20 token is an extension of the Ethereum network’s ERC-20 token. In essence, it is more of a token blueprint that can be used to define who will be receiving or using it upon release. The BEP-20 is specifically designed for the Binance Smart Chain, but is fully interoperable with Ethereum and compatible with it.

Like all other tokens on the Binance Smart Chain, the BEP-20 token standard is fueled by BNB tokens, meaning that validators of the network will be receiving rewards for placing transactions with such tokens into their blocks. The rewards are fair and guarantee that all transactions are processed in a streamlined format.

What is BEP-20 Marketing?

Though the Binance Smart Chain is a well-known network on the crypto market, projects seeking to leverage the factor of being issued on it need to have BEP-20 token advertising to ensure media coverage, visibility and community recognition for generating liquidity. At its core, BEP-20 token marketing is a set of activities involving advertising instruments that are used to promote projects releasing their assets on the Binance Smart Chain using BEP-20 token standards.

Promoting such a project is a laborious process that requires the need for a dedicated agency capable of providing adequate and high quality PR for BEP-20 token assets. Most importantly, all such activities must be aimed at growing a project’s community and attracting trader interest.

BEP-20 Promotion Tools

BEP-20 token promotion is a complex process that involves many of the same instruments that are used in traditional marketing and dedicated crypto marketing. Among the instruments applied for quality BEP-20 promotion are the following:

  •         BEP-20 ads placed on target resources;
  •         Website creation for the project to attract quality traffic;
  •         Publications in leading media about the project;
  •         Generation of social media activity;
  •         Hype generation via influencers;
  •         Community building;
  •         Community engagement.

These and many other tools can be employed to ensure that a project releasing BEP-20 standard tokens can stand out among their competitors and the vast number of other projects vying for investor liquidity and user attention. 

What We Can Offer?

Having a reliable partner when advancing a BEP-20 standard token project asset is vital to ensure the success of the marketing campaign. Only a reliable agency can be selected for such a purpose, its reputation and experience being the main criteria for selection.

The main indicators of reputation and expertise on the market are the availability of proven cases and client testimonials. A solid example of an agency boasting such credentials is, which offers clients a host of over 30 BEP-20 token promotion services at affordable prices.

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