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The exchanges play a major role in all decentralized market operations. Apart from acting as venues for trading and exchange of assets, decentralized exchanges are also launchpads for new projects and services that seek to have their tokens sold at favorable prices to users who are already familiar with the market and are looking for profitable investments.

The IEO, or initial exchange offering, is a venue designed specifically for the launch of new projects and the sale of their tokens. By piggybacking on the reliability of exchanges, their liquidity and user bases, as well as promotional instruments, projects are able to instantly have their offering presented onto the broader market.

With hundreds of projects being launched via IEOs, the need for credibility and proper promotion of such events have become essential. This has led to the advent of IEO influencer marketing as a means of promotion. By relying on the credibility and reputation of opinion leaders, projects are able to highlight their offerings to audiences that are ready to invest and are looking for new tokens. IEO influencers review projects on launchpads and give their opinions on both the processes and the potential of the tokens. The influencer IEO marketing strategy is effective, considering that there are many top IEO influencers ready and willing to offer their services to projects in need of promotion.

What is IEO Influencers Marketing?

The basic principle behind IEO influencer marketing is leveraging the influence and opinion leadership of a selected blogger or media personality to promote a product on the decentralized market, namely – the launch of a new token on a decentralized exchange. The fact that influencers have attracted large followings with their content makes them ideal instruments for attracting their users to promote tokens based on reliability and credibility.

How can Influencer Marketing Work in IEO?

An IEO is a crowdfunding event, so the need for promoting it is vital to make sure users learn about the venue and the terms of participation, as well as the benefits they will receive for investing in a certain token. As such, influencers can be used to great effect to advertise events and give in-depth reviews of the process to facilitate onboarding for both new and experienced users. In addition, the opinions of such influencers are extremely important for giving credibility to a token.

Choosing the Right IEO Influencer

Choosing the right influencer is tricky, considering that every content-maker has their own style. As such, projects must first analyze the content of influencers and their audiences, as well as the direction of their blogs to make sure that the right angle of approach is taken to result in maximum conversion. If the right influencer is selected based on these criteria, the promotion is likely to pay off quickly as the IEO will be attended by a large percentage of the influencer’s audience, leading to an influx of liquidity.

What We Can Offer

The agency has been operating with top influencers since the genesis of the DeFi market and knows how to negotiate the best placement terms for its clients. By relying on its vast network of contacts and direct connections with top influencers, the agency can match the best channels and opinion leaders for projects seeking effective promotion.


The IEO is the most secure and the most current iteration of the ICO market of old, one that is being promoted by opinion leaders. The agency can help its clients match the most appropriate influencer for their marketing campaigns and result in high rates of conversion at IEOs.

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