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Blockchain Marketing Strategy Development

Developing a marketing strategy for a decentralized project is a complex undertaking that must take into account all the specifics of the market and the target audience. The agency offers a complex approach to promoting projects by relying on blockchain advertising, community buildup and a string of interrelated efforts that result in a comprehensive campaign deployed all market sectors for achieving maximum effect in presenting the project in a favorable light.

In promotion, the first thing that has to be considered is the audience and the market specifics that a product or service is aiming to appeal to. The blockchain industry is a relatively recent market with its own characteristics and user sentiment that make promoting blockchain-based services and products a real challenge. The mentality of decentralized service users differs from that of average online application audiences, given the specifics of the blockchain industry’s virtues and pitfalls of rampant fraud that make users wary of any excessive promotion.

That is precisely why promoting blockchain projects and services is an undertaking that has to be managed by professionals – blockchain advertising agencies and specialists with years of experience on the market, those who wield a set of effective and proven instruments for the task.

What is Blockchain Marketing?

Blockchain marketing is not much different from its traditional counterpart in the essence that it tries to convey a positive image of a product or service to a target audience by placing special emphasis on specific competitive advantages and value offerings. But blockchain advertising is far more than mere ad placement and dissemination of information, because every decentralized product or service is first and foremost built on its community.

Therefore, effective blockchain digital marketing efforts are largely aimed at bringing together and retaining communities of users around the product. Projects seldom have the resources, time and willpower to divert efforts at conducting effective marketing campaigns by themselves. As such, it is considerably more efficient and cost-effective to resort to the services of a reputable blockchain PR agency that will undertake all marketing efforts based on its combined experience.

Blockchain PR Capabilities

Blockchain marketing and advertising relies largely on the same instruments used in other industries. The toolset applied for promoting blockchain projects includes such familiar approaches as:

  • Placement of ads on Twitter, Instagram and other social media;
  • Reliance on Google Adwords;
  • Dissemination of native promotional messages through blockchain influencers;
  • Release of articles in prominent media outlets;
  • Placement of ads on targeted channels;
  • Threads on forums;
  • Effective use of website design;
  • Search Engine Optimization;
  • Listing on blockchain exchanges.

Effective Strategies of Blockchain PR

Blockchain marketing starts with community building, since it is the community that will form the user base of the project. The users will be performing a twofold function given the specifics of the industry. First, they will be providing liquidity for the functioning of the project. Secondly, they will be the main message carriers, thus attracting more community members.

However, users will never be attracted to a project that does not boast an informative, well-designed website that is both clear-cut and easy to navigate. For effective blockchain marketing to be launched, a modern decentralized project website must contain a maximum amount of information in as limited a space as possible to cater to the fast-paced mindset of blockchain service users.

With the website ready to host users, the next step is attracting traffic that will consist of real users who have the capacity of carrying out target actions. The goal of the website will be to retain users by providing sufficient incentive for them to stay based on the information they receive, such as striking descriptions of the product, the team and the benefits on offer. Once contact has been made, it is up to the agency’s managers of social media channels to retain communities via chats, forum threads, airdrops and other means that will be proving the activity of the project, its transparency and honesty.

With a community developed, blockchain marketing takes on the next stage, which includes creating hype around the project to attract investor interest and liquidity. Blockchain marketing agency specialists know how to make effective use of Google to advertise projects and index relevant publications for better viewership and traffic generation.

With traffic flows ensured, the final stage is ushering users to carry out target actions. This is achieved through auto-funnels, constant communication with users, bonus incentives, newsletters, mailings and other instruments.

What We Can Offer

Only professionals must be attracted for promoting blockchain projects, as the slightest deviation from proven promotional strategies can mean the difference between success and failure.

That is why the blockchain agency’s reputation and scope of services are the key criteria that make it stand out as professionals capable of effective promotion. A good example of an all-round blockchain marketing agency with years of professional expertise is, which offers a host of over 30 services at competitive rates. More importantly, unlike many of its competitors, the agency provides ample proof of its competence via case studies, testimonials and client lists. Combined, such criteria act as the basis that projects should set when looking for an agency to promote their products.


Blockchain projects are a mix of users and technology that have to be leveraged for traction. The technology has to be highlighted and the users convinced that the service can yield benefits. Only professional agencies like can promote such a specific value proposition, lest blockchain projects are content with wandering the mists of blockchain marketing on their own at the expense of time, resources and success.

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