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BEP Token Marketing For Blockchain Projects

BEP token promotion is one of the key elements a project needs to consider when deploying on the «Binance Smart Chain». The agency offers a full scope of promotional services for ensuring a high degree of visibility for the token, including placement and advertising among target audiences to achieve market penetration and recognition of the project and its value offering.

The crypto market has evolved considerably since its launch and currency encompasses dozens of exchanges, among which there are always some that outpace others in terms of liquidity, trading turnover, volume and user numbers. The current and undisputed leader on the cryptocurrency market is currently the Binance exchange, which offers a wide variety of trading instruments and a high degree of user convenience, making it the premier venue for traders and novel users of the cryptocurrency industry.

As part of its efforts at maintaining its leading positions on the market, the Binance exchange has also expanded to develop its own blockchain – the Binance Smart Chain, which not only allows the exchange to speed up all transactions without relying on external networks like Ethereum, but also allows it to scale and include an ever-growing number of services. With the crypto market expanding itself, the need for a dedicated asset acting as the core information and transaction carrier within the Binance Smart Chain became apparent. And that new standard is the BEP-2

What is BEP-2?

BEP-2 are tokens of a special technical standard that stands for Binance Chain Evolution Proposal. These tokens allow users to implement smart contracts within the Binance Smart Chain and issue assets within its framework. As part of its standard, the BEP-2 is based on a set of rules that foresee the operation and proper functioning of the underlying smart contract “if – then” scenario, making it beneficial for the entire ecosystem as a whole.

What is BEP-2 Marketing?

Since the Binance Smart Chain is open to all participants of the ecosystem and projects are free to issue their own applications, products, tokens and services on it, the need for implementing promotional measures is essential to make sure that users get a clear understanding of the benefits and availability of such assets. Since the BEP-2 standard is used for the issuance of assets on the Binance Smart Chain, it is logical that BEP-2 token marketing efforts will be undertaken.

BEP-2 token advertising is the most common form of promotion that spans various ad banners and translates into visual and audio information transmission. BEP-2 ads can often be found on the Binance Smart Chain’s pages and throughout forums, since PR for BEP-2 is just as important, considering that every project wants to maintain a positive brand image.

BEP-2 Promotion Tools

BEP-2 token promotion extends onto all manner of marketing and advertising tools that can be applied within the crypto industry. They include everything from community building and SMM to Search Engine Optimization and promotion through various chats and forums. However, the Binance Smart Chain also offers its own advertising venues, where projects can display their ad banners and attract the attention of the ecosystem’s users.

What We Can Offer?

The need for promoting such a relatively rare and specific asset as the BEP-2 standard often perplexes those who had earlier dealt with ERC-20 standard tokens. However, professionals like those at the agency are always ready to help by offering their many years of market experience to projects seeking to issue assets on the Binance Smart Chain. With their numerous use cases and testimonials acting as proof of their dedication, the professionals at are ready to offer a vast scope of promotional services with dogged client-orientation and effectiveness as their core values.


The BEP-2 is a token standard used on the Binance Smart Chain. It is also a technical standard like its Ethereum counterpart, and, as such, it must also be promoted using the same tools and tactics.

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