Token Promotion

The decentralized industry of blockchain technologies is synonymous with tokens that form the backbone of the assets used as value carriers by the services on offer on the market. Tokens can be of many types and have various use cases, ranging from utility tokens that act as access keys to platform functions, or security tokens relying on real-world asset backing, to Non-Fungible Tokens that grant ownership rights to the owners of underlying unique assets.

Whatever the type of token being released by a project, the effort has to be marketed and promoted in the best possible light to attract users and liquidity. Tokens are assets that need to be promoted, since their value is not always evident and can be concealed beneath excessive wording on project websites. That is why token marketing becomes essential.

What is Token Marketing?

Token marketing is the process of formulating and disseminating information about a token and its underlying use cases and value. The use of a variety of instruments for attracting users and convincing them to carry out target actions is vital to making sure that the token receives circulation on the market and gains in price.

With token price increases and usability being the ultimate goals of any token marketing campaign, dedicated marketing agencies specializing in token promotion rely on a set of instruments. Among the techniques and strategies employed by token marketing agencies are the following tools adopted from other areas:

  • Placement of token ads on targeted resources;
  • Listing on exchanges;
  • Traditional media publications;
  • Maintaining communication in chats and forums;
  • Onboarding of prominent figures;
  • Promotion through influencers and other means.

Token marketing services are complex and involve a combination of token PR, communication and promotion of a real product that has to be riding the crest of interest and general market sentiment. This forces token marketing agencies to balance aggressive campaigns and prudence while constantly monitoring market dynamics to ensure that the project receives a positive portrayal and is not considered a scam by the community at large that has seen numerous pump and dump schemes.

Process of Promoting Your Token

A token has to be promoted starting from the website that will be acting as the main hub of information and traffic attraction. The process of promotion starts with careful analysis of the token, its characteristics, market niche and audience of potential users. With the analysis complete, the website is launched, hosting a set of informative blocks that concisely and clearly describe the main outline of the token’s use cases, value and potential for accruing in price.

The next step is the launch of the promotion campaign itself that involves publications of articles, ports, forum threads and other forms of information dissemination that can be used to reach the target audience. It is vital to monitor the sources of traffic and ensure that all incoming users are funneled to carry out target actions on the project website. If the token is being promoted on external platforms acting as sales venues, such as exchanges, the effort must be placed on providing information about the platform there and taking advantage of existing exchange users.

With promotion launched, the asset must generate hype and receive positive reviews to gain popularity in expectation of the main sale. The hype factor is vital and usually built up by relying on influencers with large followings.

The final step is retention of the community through communication via channels such as chats, forums, blogs, and other means that will create a positive image of the project as an evolving and developing undertaking that continues to grow after the main sale event.

What We Can Offer?

Successful token promotion depends on the selection of a reputable token marketing agency that can provide a wide range of services at affordable prices with the experience to back it up. An example is, which offers over 30 token marketing services with a host of testimonials and proven cases to confirm its professionalism and market experience. No token can ever take off without proper marketing, and agencies like can ensure the necessary support and marketing strategy development to field a token and support its growth.

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