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ERC-20 Token Marketing Strategy Development

ERC-20 token promotion is no longer as simple as it was at the outset of the decentralized industry. The agency offers a broad range of services for promoting ERC-20 tokens with various applications to make sure target audiences and potential investors see value in their product offerings. By relying on a variety of toolsets, the agency will leverage various channels of promotion and attract attention to the issuing project.

The dawn of the blockchain age and the ensuing rise of the cryptocurrency market have become possible only thanks to the development of the core technologies and software that allow decentralized transactions to be routed. As such, the entire spectrum of services and actions that take place on the decentralized market are the result of the operation of the core and fundamental principle that underpins blockchain – the smart contract.

All smart contracts are the carriers of transaction information on all blockchains. This information and data carrier is created when a token is actuated and the asset or related information is transferred or created on the blockchain. The Ethereum network is the largest blockchain on the market and is therefore considered to be the most popular and the trendsetter of the entire industry. As such, the core token standard used for creating smart contracts on the blockchain is used by most other blockchain developers as the basis for their own creations. And that standard is the ERC-20.

What is ERC-20?

ERC-20 is the token standard used within the Ethereum blockchain to create smart contracts and other tokenized assets. ERC standards for Ethereum Request for Comment, which is logical, since once a token is effectuated, it results in a smart contract that operates on the “if – then” principle, essentially creating a request that needs to be commented on by the receiving party, thus creating a transaction between them. The ERC-20 standard is very versatile and is therefore used for a variety of purposes.

What is ERC-20 Marketing?

Given that virtually 90% of all tokens on the market operates on the ERC-20 standard, it is natural that ERC-20 token marketing is the core of all cryptocurrency project promotional activities. ERC-20 token advertising is synonymous with the advertising of any project token that operates on the ERC-20 standard, regardless of its name and function. The actions taken by projects and agencies for ERC-20 token promotion are many and span a vast area of activities involving publication, SMM, SEO, community building and much more.

ERC-20 Promotion Tools

The promotional tools for advancing the image and popularity of ERC-20 tokens are many and include ERC-20 ads in both direct and indirect manners. The direct method involves banners and outright advertising of the underlying project with all of its advantages and benefits that it can yield to users. PR for ERC-20 token projects is just as important, since conveying a positive image and creating brand loyalty lie at the heart of building up a user base for the token and the functionality it brings to its industry or sector niche.

What We Can Offer?

Promoting ERC-20 tokens without the help of professionals is not only a tedious, but a largely pointless and expensive undertaking. That is why most projects turn to the help of promotional agencies, like the crypto advertising and marketing agency, which has immense combined market experience. With dozens of use cases and testimonials over its years of market operation, the agency offers a broad range of services that can help projects promote their ERC-20 tokens before broader audiences. With its client-oriented approach and dedication to excellence, the agency is the go-to solution for ERC-20 token marketing.


ERC-20 tokens make up the backbone of the crypto market’s supply of assets, making them the most coveted and highly used cryptocurrencies in the industry. However, promoting such assets is difficult, considering the competition. That is why professional help is always required, and is ready to help out.

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