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Main> Services> Traffic> Bscscan ads has over 14 million visitors monthly.

Main stats you need to know:

  • Minimum budget for 1 campaign is 1200$
  • You get 200 000 impressions for that (6$ for 1000 impressions)
  • The speed is around 40k impressions daily, so the minimum campaign will run for 5-7 days
  • Average CTR is 0.25%
  • So you can expect 500 clicks for the minimum budget ($2.4 for 1 click).

In order to get a preapproval from management of BSCSCAN you need to provide:

  • links to your management linkedin profiles

What we do:

  • you get higher preapproval rate for you cause we provided many clients to them before
  • help to pass moderation for AD texts with higher conversion and emoji
  • create several AD texts for AB testing
  • launch AB testing campaign (it means one text AD will be shown for 50k impressions, the other text AD – for 50k impressions, the CTR winner AD – for the rest 100k impressions)
  • Add UTM tag for both ADs and control conversions via google analytics
  • Provide you reports in the end

We have a traffic calculator so if you dont know yet whether $2.4 is ok for 1 click, you can play with this calculator first and see forecast of the return on investment. Calculator is free – ask our sales team about it.

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Case studies

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  • NFT Marketing for The World’s first Muay Thai NFT project

  • Airdrop Marketing for


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