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About Us  has been working with blockchain and fintech projects since 2018 and has over 500 successful clients. We are helping cutting-edge companies and startups grow their business and realise their potential with marketing and PR services, and we pride ourselves on breaking down barriers and building communities of like-minded people to help shape a brighter future. We deliver marketing, PR services, and professional crypto marketing to an expectant world.

From PPC management to search engine optimization; from content planning to dedicated social media advertising; our proven processes suit the innovative nature of FinTech and blockchain technologies. Our global team of experts is dedicated to providing qualified leads and increasing conversion for our clients.

Crypto firms build trust with potential clients and investors through a well strategized and executed digital marketing plan, and this is where Agency can help. Not only can we help tailor digital marketing content to the top, middle, and bottom of your sales funnel, but we can create a long-term digital marketing plan for your crypto firm.

Fintech Marketing 

The ongoing growth of fintech is also a major factor for the changes taking place across the sector. Fintech is a combination of technology and financial services that’s transforming the way financial businesses operate, collaborate, and transact with their customers, regulators, and other stakeholders. With the growth in the number of fintech projects, the need for fintech marketing efforts in full, considering the abundance of scam projects that are leeching on the reputation of the sector as a whole, harming it and making promotion difficult. Given the growing mistrust of users towards new fintech protocols, PR for fintech has evolved to include a large number of approaches and instruments.

What is Fintech Marketing?

Much like marketing in other industries, fintech advertising and marketing rely on the concept of presenting a fintech service or product in a favourable light before its audience for attracting users and enticing them to perform target actions. Most often, a fintech marketing agency is employed to perform the necessary procedures that would effectively promote a fintech startup.

A comprehensive fintech marketing strategy must include a number of steps that take into account the specifics of the market, the product, the audience and the channels capable of reaching users who would eventually be willing to turn into loyal customers. The long-term goal of any campaign of digital marketing for fintech companies is creating and retaining a community of followers and users who would be providing liquidity for the operations of the company.

Fintech Marketing Tools

The arsenal of tools available to fintech marketing specialists consists largely of the same channels that average users resort to for communication. However, the specifics of the industry make professionals focus on the underlying characteristics of each channel, and their audiences. 

Here are some of the tools used for fintech project promotion:

= Fintech ads in social media channels like Twitter, Instagram and others;

= Maintenance of threads on forums;

= Publications of articles in leading media and maintenance of blogs;

= Development of informative project website;

= Targeted mailing lists;

= Search Engine Optimization.

Marketing Strategy For Fintech Startups

Any marketing strategy must start from the analysis of the available material and its prospects. In the case of fintech startups, the service on offer with its supporting information will be acting as the basis for evaluation of its competitive advantages and weaknesses, thus allowing professional marketers to determine which avenues of approach are best employed.

Once analysis of the project’s available value offering and prospects has been completed, the first step to preparing a marketing strategy is the development of a functional and highly informative website. Considering the specifics and demand of modern users to receive concise information in small spaces, the website must be direct and focused on value propositions.

With the website developed and launched, the marketing effort takes effect as the agency launches traffic generation. The traffic is accrued from threads, forums, chats and other select media outlets that host the target audience. Through direct ads, posts, contests, publications and other means of communication with the audience, the managers of the promotional campaign generate traffic and usher it onto the project website. The traffic is then funneled and directed to specifically designed segments of the website that propose users to take target actions and use the service.

Community retention is the final and ultimate step that is achieved through constant contact with the users and provision of incentives, such as rewards, airdrops and other engaging events.

What We Can Offer

Fintech startups seldom have the expertise and know-how to conduct effective marketing campaigns and properly position their products on a crowded market. The sole solution that is both cost-effective and efficient in terms of achieving goals is the attraction of a fintech marketing agency.

However, before engaging in a contract, the startup has to conduct preliminary analysis of the agencies available. The foremost criteria are reputation, testimonials, scope of services and pricing. A prominent example of an all-round marketing agency that provides numerous cases, testimonials and a broad range of affordable services is, which also boasts some of the most notable clients among its list of supported startups.

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