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Crypto Marketing As a Holistic Approach To Promotion

Traditional marketing has evolved since the advent of the decentralized industry to include such dedicated concepts as crypto marketing and crypto advertising that often differ drastically from their counterparts operating in other industries. Crypto enthusiasts are a special audience that needs to be reached via approaches catering to their mindsets and expectations.

Whatever the instruments applied by crypto projects and even crypto marketing agencies, the goal is always the same – promoting product and service offerings.

What is Crypto Marketing?

Crypto marketing is the process of reaching crypto enthusiasts and showcasing the offering of a decentralized service or product through favorable presentation of its embedded qualities. The process is much more complicated than placing crypto ads online, since it starts with the analysis, evaluation, and understanding of the product, the market, the target audience and its mindset.

The benefits of resorting to the services of a crypto PR agency specializing in crypto marketing and advertising are many. First, such agencies have the necessary know-how and accumulated experience and contacts on the market, which allow them to effectively deploy marketing campaigns. Second, it frees up the team from having to spend both time and funds on in-house specialists and thus detract it from the core goal of product development.

Crypto PR Tools

The tools used in crypto PR largely mimic those of traditional advertising campaigns. Apart from crypto promotions and maintaining social network channels dedicated to the project in question, crypto PR includes the following instruments, among others:

  • Ads on Twitter, Instagram, Reddit and other channels;
  • Effective use of Google Adwords;
  • Resorting to crypto influencers;
  • Publications of articles in prominent media outlets;
  • Native inclusion of ads;
  • Promotion on forums like 4Chan;
  • Proper website design;
  • Effective use of Search Engine Optimization techniques;
  • Listing on leading exchanges;
  • Community management and expansion.

Effective Strategies of Crypto PR

Effective marketing of crypto projects, regardless of their type, differs from classical digital marketing, since the key approach is specific to the industry and starts with proper presentation of the project.

The process starts with the creation of a well-designed, informative website that will include all the necessary elements highlighting the project’s key competencies and advantages, such as the team, its legality, the returns it promises, the underlying technology, the sound economic model, and any other attractive features along with contact channels. The approach to effective crypto marketing has evolved since the nascent days of the crypto market, as modern users are no longer content with seeing vast White Papers, but need to grasp the essence of the project quickly in a striking and memorable fashion.

The next step of an effective strategy to be deployed after proper project packaging is generating quality traffic. If the project is not presented to the audience properly, the latter will leave and the resources spent on the traffic will have been wasted. Retention of the community is achieved through a number of effective instruments, such airdrops of native project currencies, the launch of active chats in popular messengers like Telegram, and regular posts in social networks to constantly display that the project is live. Lack of activity is a clear indicator that no development is taking place and the project is either a scam or has lost traction.

Effective strategies that must be conducted in parallel include maintenance of threads on the largest crypto forums like Bitcointalk to allow anyone to contact the project in a free manner to discuss questions. This is essential for proving transparency and garnering investor trust.

The next step is generating hype, which is achieved through media sources and by contacting select influencers for relying on their promotional qualities and sway over vast segments of target audiences. A large number of tailored publications will be well indexed by Google, ensuring that when users decide to invest in a project or become a client, they will see a positive image about it online.

The final stage is attracting the traffic of crypto visitors to the project’s site. The process is complicated, since there are numerous limitations, and few companies are able to ensure proper moderation for reach through Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, and other channels, which officially forbid advertising of crypto-related topics.

As traffic grows, projects have to process it and ensure a connection through a series of letters for all registered users, perpetual contact, or auto-funnels via chatbots to increase conversion from registration to target actions, which are ultimately investments or continuous use of the product or service.

Cryptocurrency Marketing Services

Email Marketing

Despite the total dominance of mobile ads and the predominance of social media marketing in online space, the importance of email marketing as an effective instrument of promotion should not be downplayed. The availability of “hot” email lists and databases of potential audiences is the first step to making contact with those who would be interested in actually reading the email they receive, instead of dumping it like spam.

For email marketing to be effective, the marketers have to start with making a catchy and compelling title that would entice the recipient to open the email and read it. The body of the email has to be engrossing and must convey value to ensure that the reader instantly understands the potential benefits they can get from following down the letter’s funnel to the target action.

Redirecting the reader to a link is the sole purpose of email marketing, but the steps leading to that action are the hardest, since they entail grabbing the attention of the reader. Highly experienced cryptocurrency marketing agency professionals know the steps and apply them to great effect.

DeFi Promotion

Cryptocurrency advertising agency specialists are well aware of the potential and immense opportunities on the Decentralized Finance market. It is therefore a sound marketing strategy to resort to the DeFi market as a powerful channel of promotion in itself. With the abundance of sources and protocols in DeFi, it is only a matter of selecting a sector that the marketers can piggyback on to start their promotional activities.

Experienced cryptocurrency marketing services providers know that DeFi is fully interconnected and the likelihood of users of one protocol to migrate to another one, based on its profitability and convenience, is just a matter of identifying and being exposed to the necessary ad. Therefore, cross-promotion and advertising in the channels of protocols and DeFi services is a direct way to attracting audiences to at least visit the site and try out the service.

Cryptocurrency PPC Advertising

Many crypto projects started out with the aim of encompassing the advertising market and leveraging the power of blockchain technologies and AI for ensuring higher and better accuracy of user targeting. The Pay-Per-Click approach is a straightforward method of promotion that projects can rely on when they know the key metrics of their target audiences.

With PPC advertising, reaching audiences and displaying relevant ads to them is only a matter of analyzing the audience’s interests and providing the PPC agency with the necessary data. When launching the advertising campaign with a PPC provider, the project will input the main data into the advertising mainframe and the internal processes will do the rest.

PPC advertising is extremely effective when targeting users on specific resources that have an abundance of ad slots and banners. Such websites provide a cheap means of ad placement and allow the project to fully automate the marketing campaign, leaving only monitoring up to the marketing specialists.

Crypto PR

Cryptocurrency PR agencies are highly specialized and should not be confused with marketing agencies. Public relations is the process of establishing rapport with the audience through placement of materials in publishing and other media, relying on the content to establish a connection with the audience and convey a proper brand image. All cryptocurrency PR companies offer a similar set of services that are based on the provision of content to a network of publications and other influencers who will be able to disseminate the information and ensure reach of target audiences.

The formation of content and specialized consultations on the vector to brand image establishment is also part of the scope of services provided by PR agencies. The specialists of the agency will be able to conduct an analysis of the project and determine the direction of content it should take for making sure a positive image of it is formed among readers of the material.

In addition to providing placement of content, crypto PR agencies can assist with other aspects of promotion, such as crisis management. By evaluating the situation, the specialists will be able to identify touch points with the conflicting party and ameliorate relations, thus preserving the image of the company and fostering the perception of a pragmatic party.

Airdrop Promotion

Airdrops are an effective and time-tried instrument for promotion that can be used by projects to great effect for attracting interest and usability. By giving out small amounts of its native cryptocurrency to users for fulfilling some specific actions, projects can ensure turnover of the asset upon launch and convince the new user base of the practical applications of the asset.

The most usual means of promotion through airdrops require new users to subscribe to the project’s social media channels and remain signed up to updates. It is highly likely that the users will even remain with the project upon launch and start providing not only asset turnover and usability, but also liquidity and valuable feedback on the project’s operation.

The availability of numerous professional airdroppers should not be dismissed, as such individuals are only interested in selling off the airdropped assets upon launch of the project.

Telegram Marketing

The unique features of the Telegram messenger make it an ideal venue for cryptocurrency promotion. The vast majority of crypto projects are promoted in various Telegram chats and groups, since their users are adherents of privacy and are adamant believers in the power of Telegram of being highly correlated with the virtues of crypto decentralization.

Telegram marketing approaches have been perfected over the years and are largely focused around the formation of a community in a dedicated Telegram chat group of the project, or promoting it in the many other groups that specialize in placing advertisements and announcements of project launches.

The free nature of Telegram marketing is what makes it highly available for marketers in promoting their projects. In addition to being free, Telegram is home to the vast majority of crypto users, ensuring direct connection with the target audience that will have a favorable attitude towards the project upon seeing its ads.

LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn is also a powerful tool for crypto promotion that focuses on network marketing by reaching key individuals in the targeted industry. Such a form of promotion is highly favorable when the project has a niche product, or is looking for valuable connections with various prominent individuals in decentralized space.

LinkedIn promotion is not as well developed as other marketing approaches due to the limited communication channels within the network. However, experienced cryptocurrency marketing agency specialists will be able to form well-tailored letters and seek out the necessary individuals of interest to contact by providing them with key information on the project they are promoting. Such a pinpoint approach to marketing is a good avenue for establishing not only rapport, but also potential partnerships with key players, such as exchanges, investment funds, or other projects for cooperation.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is the key to making sure a project is visible not only at the top of search engine queries, but also to users who are searching for relevant queries. Search Engine Optimization is entirely focused on proper formation of the content of a project’s website and other written materials. The automated bots that search engines employ scour websites for proper keyword links and other metrics, thus sorting websites based on numerous parameters and placing them up or down the search results.

Experienced marketers will be able to identify the keywords that such bots are looking for and will be able to integrate them properly into project content. It is important to understand that SEO is not a one-off activity, but must be maintained and monitored constantly, considering that keywords change and so do the requirements of the search engines.

Crypto Influencer Marketing

Crypto influencer marketing is a relatively new phenomenon on the crypto market that involves connections with influential individuals in the space to leverage their promotional abilities and reach out to the audiences of their followers and those who believe in their opinions. Influencers have immense sway over not only their own subscribers, but also adjacent audiences who are prone to listening to the opinions of prominent individuals.

Experienced marketers will be able to establish connections and working relations with influencers, as the latter are willing to work and promote projects for a certain form of remuneration. However, not all influencers will do, as marketers have to analyze each influencer and their audiences to select the ones who may have the biggest impact in converting audiences into users of the project.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is the be-all and end-all of all modern marketing activities. Reaching audiences through social media is the most effective way of building up communities and maintaining communications with them. Though some social media networks place restrictions on crypto advertising, the means of promoting crypto projects through ads, cross-advertising and announcements are many.

Social media marketing is a complex undertaking that must take into account constant communication with target audiences and the maintenance of dedicated groups. Cross marketing is also possible, as some projects are willing to collaborate and share links. However, the biggest advantage that social networks provide is the direct advertising approach, which involves the placement of advertising banners directly before target users based on their personal preferences and criteria. Marketers can form lists of metrics they deem to be relevant to their target audiences and apply them for automated advertising placement and audience targeting.

How do differ from other crypto marketing agencies? is a cryptocurrency marketing agency that offers a full scope of crypto advertising and promotional services. With over 30 dedicated services aimed at promotional channels and a wide range of additional services for project analysis and consultation, the agency undertakes a hands-on approach to every project and places client-orientation as the focus of all of its activities.

The many years of experience that the agency’s specialists have in crypto project promotion allow them to have immediate and broad insight into the potential each project has and the ways of promoting it. is entirely dedicated to making sure that its clients get the best possible quality of services and the numerous testimonials and use cases it has to offer serve as proof of the level of professionalism exhibited by its specialists.

On Offer

When it comes to selecting a partner for promotion, crypto projects have to carefully analyze every crypto PR agency they consider. Among the most important selection criteria are repute, the scope of services offered, and their pricing.

For instance, the crypto marketing agency offers a full range of promotion services that span across over 30 offers, each backed by real, successful cases and numerous testimonials from clients. The agency’s website provides a host of case studies and its services boast flexible, competitive rates that are always accompanied by client-orientation and consistent support at every step of the promotion strategy’s development and implementation.


Promoting crypto projects is as much an art form as a laborious, meticulous, and highly engaging process that merges innovation with traditional tools. But the success of crypto project promotion depends entirely on the integrity and competence of the agency in question, making it essential to resort to the services of proven, experienced market players like

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