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Telegram Crypto Promotion

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Telegram group / channel members

We can drive from 10 000 to 40 000 bots to your channel or chat (group)

Telegram messages in chat (real people discuss your project and make activity in your group)

From 40 to 160 daily messages in your chat


Success case

Telegram chat moderation

8 hours daily moderation or 24/7

Moderation on Twitter & Discord is also possible


Success case

Telegram channel pump

We can make automatic slowly humanlike views (up to 40k per post) on an unlimited number of posts


Success case

Telegram chat activity

We leave from 40 to 160 daily messages in your chat (messages about your project & current crypto market changes)


Success case


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Case studies

  • YouTube promotion for BitYard

  • Discord Moderation for Inery.io

  • Performance Marketing and Ads Services for Gem-Coin.com


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