Crypto Email Marketing

✅ People need from 2 to 4 weeks to make a final decision whether to invest or not.

You need to send automatic emails to your prospective clients within these 2-4 weeks, otherwise, you lose your clients. Email marketing can add more value to your project and promote it to investors.

You have to keep in touch with your potential clients (2-4 weeks). Emails increase the probability of favorable decisions. Emails help to convert registrations into payments by 30-50%.

✅ How does it works?

We create an email marketing strategy for your project. We execute a full technical part from scratch: choose ESP (email service provider) for emailing (as you may know, most of the email services have banned crypto so we will only use verified ones), create content, design 6 welcome emails, and ensure the best deliverability (we add so-called SPF/DKIM/DMARC records) so all your emails get into INBOX folder, not spam.


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Some say that emailing is the bane of the internet, filling up inboxes with useless spam that gets dumped instantly without ever being read. That may be true, but no one denies the fact that the email is still instrumental in online space as an outreach tool and an important carrier of information. The crypto industry is no different, where millions of emails circulate on a daily basis and databases of user emails are maintained and compiled by all the major market players like exchanges, funds, projects and advertising agencies.

Crypto email marketing may be called spam by some, but the fact of the matter is that it is one of the most effective marketing instruments that can not only reach potential users, but also be used to target specific high-yielding investors. It all depends on the type of email and the way it is targeted and, more importantly, how it is written.

Crypto email ads have been around since the start of the crypto industry and they are still being used to great effect not only to advertise new crypto projects, but also convey important information about promotions, new offers, products, services and opportunities to both and existing users. It all depends on who and how is sending the emailing ads.

Can You Advertise Crypto Via Email?

Emails can be used to advertise virtually any kind of crypto content and are effective at delivering the message of the sender to the target audience.

Among the more popular types of content delivered to users via emailing are the following:

-Announcements or contests;
-Digests about project traction;
-Announcements of airdrops;
-Advertising of new services, functions and features;
-Periodic reports about project performance or metrics;
-Proposals of trials and demos of new products and services;
-Reminders of deals and expiring events.
-Among others, emailing can be used to effectively deliver proposals and other information carrying value for potential investors.

What Includes Crypto Email Promotion?

Crypto email promotion can include a wide range of topics, but the most important elements that can and must be included in any email promotion are value for the reader and a purpose.

The value for the reader must be determined based on who is receiving the email. Since value is a subjective matter, the email must be tailored for the user base it is being targeted at. Segmentation of audiences is the key to successful crypto email promotion. Having a clear goal in each email is the key to making sure that emails do not get dumped without being read. That is why the title must be engaging and gripping to attract the reader’s attention.

The purpose of the email is always the same – evoking a target action on the part of the user. High conversion is what emailing is for, encouraging users to follow the link in the email that will lead the user to commit a target action and eventually lead to providing usability and liquidity to the issuing project.

Benefits of Crypto Email Ads with Us

High conversion is an important term, but it can only be achieved if the email being sent is tailored, designed and targeted by a professional team of email marketers. This is where the need for expertise and repute come in and a crypto advertising agency becomes a must. offers a wide variety of crypto advertising instruments including over 30 services, as well as email advertising, at affordable prices and a guaranteed high degree of conversion.

The company boasts numerous testimonials and proven cases that illustrate its expertise and ability to leverage its vast databases of potential user emails. As one of the oldest crypto advertising agencies operating on the market, has conducted multiple email advertising campaigns to great effect, ensuring that project emails reach their users.


Email advertising is still an important instrument in promoting crypto projects. Having a clear understanding who the email is being sent to and for what purpose is the key to making sure that it gets opened and the link within it followed to result in a target action.

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