How to manage the crypto (ICO, STO, DeFi) community properly in 2021

There is a community behind all successful cryptocurrency projects regardless of their promotion budget. The companies with a large budget and limited budget can achieve impressive results promoting their products or services with help of the crypto community. 

People tend to come together to discuss a thing, especially when it comes to cryptocurrencies known for their volatility, ICO tokens, etc. Companies use this feature to create a community and rely on it for the project’s development. The following people can be involved in its creation as a rule: SMM, PR, and community managers, as well as a moderator.

The creation of a crypto community that is ready to promote the ideas of the project is not an easy task and can’t be done within a day. It can take a year and more to do it. The creation of the community brings many benefits from self-generated content to traffic and PR without a budget.

4 steps to building the perfect community

The community should constantly grow and develop to become popular and efficient. It is recommended to follow the next steps to cope with the task:

  • Create the right atmosphere in the community

The objective is to unite active users around the problem your business solves and to fight this problem together, to make users full-fledged participants in the process, leaving the final decision-making to themselves. 

At the same time, the audience should understand what specific benefit it will have from communicating with you.

The community becomes successful when people feel that the project is common, they can influence it and can grow with it. And the creators are perceived as experienced moderators who can be trusted.

The members of the community may have their roles performing very useful tasks such as sharing posts, criticizing, throwing ideas, etc. It is important to encourage this (at least with a grateful comment) and indicate that the person is heard and his actions were useful.

  • Develop a roadmap

Analyze what audience you need compared to what you have already, and then develop two plans. 

  1. One of them is needed for your social media and other channels. It should include your regular activities. 
  2. And an individual algorithm of actions prepared for each person. The scheme can be the following:

a private message or a greeting → an invitation to comments and discussions → an invitation to a private chat → an invitation to a private meeting → an invitation to the organizational structure of an offline event, and so on.

It would be great to build a system to accurately track the number of people at each “stage”. You should determine how long a person should be at each level.

  • Personalize  

Figure out especially active participants in the comments, and write a private message to them. Do not hesitate to add active users as friends. 

Introduce yourself, tell briefly about our project, and about the benefits of joint work with the members of the community. People are happy to support the endeavors of the team working over the crypto project, become “advocates” of the brand.

  • Turn a boring chat into something exciting! 

Many crypto companies face problems with the growth of the crypto community as they have very boring channels. However, the creation of experiences can make them loyal. To avoid boredom, you can engage your community with any content that you find interesting. Still, the result will be better if you deliver originally created content. It will impact them better. 

When you create the experience, members of your community make certain things together. This is how they acquire common experience and then discuss it. They chat, laugh, and have much fun making the whole chat group feel alive. The creative members of the community even create jokes that become local memes. All this contributes to the growth and strengthens the community. If the chat room of your community is dead, you can invite the experts of the promotion company to wake it up. Imitated conversation can attract real members and organic growth.