Tips and tricks for marketing and promoting a DeFi project in 2021. Choice of the best crypto marketing agency

Marketers promote projects and help to identify risks and potential limitations as well. Understanding the problems and avoiding them before they actually arise is very important. What problems are possible here? Most often, there are low liquidity indicators, misunderstanding by users of interfaces and interaction mechanisms, problems with regulation. How do you find a crypto marketing agency that does this kind of non-obvious job? There are several criteria to check.

The portfolio is the first thing to explore when choosing the crypto marketing agency

This is the easiest way. The agency can publish case studies with project results, actions, strategy and other evidence of practical expertise and effectiveness. If it is available, then the trust should be great by default. If not, then the agency can be good too. But you should go down this list and see other factors of the check.

What is the main scope of activities of the agency?

There is no common formula of success for an advertising agency. Everyone creates their own algorithms. These technologies may be totally suitable for specific businesses, partially suitable, or not at all. It is important for the client to determine the requirements and correlate the request with the services of the agency. Perhaps you will sign a contract for a full cycle of services, but you may also choose only some separate services. 

It is important that the “full package” includes a pre-audit. Communication with the client base, media and influencers, as well as legal advice are important components of the service pool too.

The marketing agency is not always about marketing only but the change of company’s structure at its core. If something should be changed to deliver a high quality service and attract the customers with it, this is performed with help of a promotion agency. It means that the work is conducted in all directions beginning from development, design to community management and media placement. 

Coverage reports as the marker

The company’s reports show the range of activities and their intensity in working with clients. When a company looks at the client’s success metrics, it means a lot in terms of professionalism.

Community communication level

DeFi projects require regular work with the client’s custom audience. A successful marketing agency is ready to show the stages of building a client base, expanding it and gaining and maintaining loyalty.

What about the interaction with the recognizable crypto market persons?

Building important connections plays an important role in business in principle. The agency needs consultants and high profile personalities who achieved success in the crypto industry to establish connections for the crypto company. Their participation is necessary for good PR and has a practical value at the same time. A reputable marketing agency should be prepared to bring experts to the project.

Consider the agency’s niche

It’s very simple: promotion strategies in various countries and regions are different. As well as areas of activity. Someone who regularly works in the direction you need will provide you better results.

Check out the full range of DeFi promotion services by the agency you want to choose

The more promotion tools available, the better. You should check the agency’s service options broadly and ask direct questions if necessary. You may find useful experience and skills, organizing participation in specialized conferences and exhibitions, creating contests (for example, airdrop), working with YouTube channel, writing a white paper, dealing with viral marketing, and so on.

Consider all aspects mentioned above to find the right promotion and marketing agency for your DeFi project. It’s extremely beneficial to locate the proper crypto PR agency. The goal of hiring the PR agency is to have a competitive edge. 

Why is it so important?

  • The way your Defi project is marketed determines its future. 
  • Using Defi marketing, you employ the best tool for the creation of the demand and its maintenance. 
  • The marketing creates the reputation of the project making it more competitive.