Key crypto marketing trends in 2021

What are the key trends in crypto marketing this year?

The first is the production of video content and its further promotion. First and foremost, we’re probably talking about YouTube as the primary platform that allows businesses to connect with users through video content.

Expert videos are growing more than ever now, because where else to study if not on the Internet. Many schools are closed, students sometimes get bored on the “remote”, and people who are looking for a product want to understand whether they need it at all or not.

The second trend is the emphasis on video ads. Everyone is already tired of the hackneyed advertising about Tide on TV. Tired of the same casinos and bets when you watch TV shows. Therefore, people yearn for something new. Recently a video about a cyber village was released, it instantly became popular, went viral and, probably, the first day it played on everyone’s phones, computers, and in general, all the people I saw phones had this video. The video is viral. The village was advertised in it, but we can advertise any product with the same viral video.

Another trend that has been popular before is experimentation. You can’t shoot the same video twice to make it equally popular. Now is an unstable time. The one who takes bold steps wins. So, experiment first.

Another trend of 2021 is own brand media for businesses. Large players in different markets have been building their own media for several years, but before that it was trick, and now it will become just a must-have, a question of brand survival, the maximum possible detachment from competitors.

If you say that the quality of content will improve, then 100% you can’t go wrong. Here is another point. The fact is that creating, for example, those rather primitive SEO texts that are purely for working out semantics is quite simple. A little more difficult is to create a normal text that describes a certain situation. It is even more difficult to create an expert text: interview experts, find some research … These are completely different labor costs. This may be to draw pictures, then create multi-format text, which contains both video and infographics, and the same studies that include all the previous ones. It is even more difficult and therefore more expensive.

2021 is a year of expertise, reliability and authority. Therefore, publish exceptionally high-quality expert materials on your website, in your blog. That’s when it will allow him to be at the top of the search results. Also, keep an eye on the usability of your site because behavioral factors are going to be a very important ranking factor in 2021.

Over the past 10 years, we have noticed how much content plays a big role in brand communications with customers. We see that content requirements have been increasing throughout this time. It is extremely difficult now to create interesting content that engages in communication. It is difficult and costly because people quickly get used to good things. Those who learn to create such content in 2021, 2022 and beyond will increase their market presence.

One of the trends of is Brand Building. Not all companies can use it, not everyone can do it, but mentions in the media, press releases, mentions in authoritative publications – all this gives additional weight to your site, thereby promoting it in search results.

What is the best format to tell your users, your subscribers, about something? This is a storytelling format. He now comes in the best, we can see it in our materials. You can show the quality of a product in different ways. We can say that we just have a high-quality product that we have been producing for 10 years using the same technology that our ancestors passed on to us. Or you can show it live, show how you mix your colors, or I don’t know, glue the wallpaper and test it. And you can’t tear them off the wall! And people immediately see – wow, wow!

We create trends ourselves. Therefore, what we like, what we actively comment on, will be popular next year. We are mainly looking at personalized content. That is, the one that speaks directly to us and hits our heart. This content is popular now and will continue to be popular.

It would be great if you started personal brands. Those people who will represent your company from a personal account or maintain a column on your social media. This will be a big plus for you because the brand will be recognizable by personality. After all, people remember people, not obscure images.