Marketing & PR for DEFI Project Paycer


About this case


Forbes & Coin Telegraph
Benzinga, Yahoo Finance, MarketWatch, Yahoo News & +200 small news sites

PR Result

  • Publications are on the first pages of Google Search & Google News
  • According to project founders, Paycer community got excited about some of the publications in particular

Airdrop Campaign Results

Airdrop campaign details were prepared for the project, approved by the client, and Airdrop Bot was developed with Google Captcha verification

Next, we organized Promotion for the campaign

Influencer Campaign

8 influencers posted about the project

Tweet by Crypto Ape (over 700k followers) Tweet by Crypto Bri (over 100k followers)
Engagement by Post

Final Results

Twitter: around 45k Followers
Telegram: over 50k Followers
Google Analytics: 15k unique visitors to the web ( data of period from 12 Dec to 2 January)

Hello friends

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