Crypto influencers

We have verified lists of crypto influencers with their direct contacts and pricing

– 25 youtubers

– 100 twitter influencers

– 100 instagram influencers

– 21 medium influencers

– 11 linkedin influencers

– 30 quora influencers

– 100 crypto telegram channels

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As for youtubers – these are the guys that we had worked with before and left 25 out of 400.

🔥 ROI (return on investment) for a review on their channels is over 400% in average. It means that for every 1$ that you pay –  you get 4$ back as long as your project is legit.

🔥 Total stats of these 25 channels: 1.34M subscribers total, average video gets 6492 views, price for a review is from 200 to 19000$ depending on the level of channel.

🔥 Languages: Russian, English, Italian, Indonesian, Polish, German, Portuguese, Spanish

✅ We see the list of these 25 verified influencers with contacts and pricing

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– 13 key points that you need to prepare to get maximum results from the video
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