Crypto Influencers

98% of youtubers buy views / likes / comments. A lot of crypto influencers have fake stats.

You can find a channel with good number of views and engagement, pay for a review and then get zero results. Cause his audience does not have money or the guy had fake stats or he is not even an influencer. Means he does not really impacts on people’s minds and noone cares about his opinion.

However these 2% make maximum results.

Do not even try to find real influencers by yourself – you will just waste money and time. Cause there are no any ways to find out whether the channel is good or not but pay for a review and see stats. Hopefully we have already done this work for you and we have worked with over 400 youtube channels. Now only 27 are left in our list. Besides your time is limited. You can not spend months on tests. You know that.

🔥 We have 27 youtubers. Their reviews will bring traffic to your web, registrations and payments. 70-80% of traffic comes within 24 hours from the publication of the video.

🔥 ROI (return on investment) for a review is over 400% in average. It means that for every 1$ that you pay –  you get 4$ back as long as your project is legit. It is one of the most important and effective services that we have.

🔥 Total stats of these 27 channels: 1.34M subscribers total, average video gets 6492 views, price for a review is from 200 to 19000$ depending on the level of channel.

🔥 Languages: Russian, English, Italian, Indonesian, Polish, German, Portuguese, Spanish

✅ We see the list of these 27 verified influencers with contacts and pricing

Free bonuses:
– 13 key points that you need to prepare to get maximum results from the video
– 9 tips how to seduce these guys and work with them the best way


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