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The bad news is that 98% of youtubers buy views / likes / comments. A lot of crypto influencers have fake stats.

It is really hard to find those that have a really engaged audience with money. However these 2% make maximum results.

Do not even try to find really good influencers by yourself – you will just waste money and time. We have already done that for you. Your time is limited. You can not spend weeks on tests. You know that.

🔥 We have 29 youtubers. Their reviews will bring traffic to your web page and a lot of payments. You will see that within 24 hours from the publication of the video.

🔥 ROI (return on investment) for 1 review is over 400% in average. It is one the most important and effective crypto services that we have. All these influencers have 1.14M subscribers total and average review gets 7100 views.


✅ Sales structure for key points that are to be said in video review in order to have maximum sales = FREE
✅ The list of these 29 verified influencers with contacts = 1500 USD

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