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Influencers are an important phenomenon that has swept across the modern social media landscape. As individuals with a high following, influencers form an important category of users who have also become powerful instruments in the hands of marketing specialists. In essence, influencers are more than just users, but are part of the creative economy, as they are engaged in the development and posting of various types of content on social media and video streaming channels.

The attention that influencers attract based on the quality of the content they produce allows them to build followings that number in the millions. Among the influencers that can be noted are Instagram models who post quality images of their fashion or travels, bloggers who carry out analysis and reviews of various products or services, entertainment channel influencers who create funny videos, and much more. However, there is another important category of influencers that is of great interest to marketers around the world and in various industry sectors.

Such influencers are professionals who are either eminent businessmen, CEOs of leading global companies, or prominent professionals in their respective fields, like traders. All of these individuals are considered influencers, since their opinions are heeded by their followers and they act as guideline providers for the actions they undertake or recommend. This makes influencers a powerful force that marketers can tap into to gain an advantage in promoting various types of products, trends, or services.

What is Crypto Influencers Marketing?

The crypto market is one of the biggest breeding grounds for a new class of influencers. Though many of the original influencers are mere early adopters of crypto who have migrated into the space from various other industries, or have no connection to the crypto space whatsoever. Nonetheless, the presence of such individuals in the space and the transition of their audiences to crypto markets makes them invaluable instruments for marketing strategies involving decentralized products.

Crypto influencer marketing is an approach through which a crypto project contacts a selected influencer and negotiates mentions or placement of their product or service within the content or context of the influencer’s channel. Such an approach guarantees reach of the influencer’s audience and the instant promotion of the product in question.

More importantly, influencer marketing is a direct gateway to millions of potential subscribers of the influencer who listen to the professional’s opinion. An experienced crypto influencer agency will be able to identify the professionals with the best audiences that suit the project in question.

How Can Influencer Marketing Work in Crypto?

Influencer crypto marketing approaches have been effectively employed throughout the ICO boom of 2017-2018, allowing numerous projects to generate both hype and funds by attracting prominent individuals to their advertising campaigns. Among them were actors, singers, football players, and many other influencers who had previously had no connection with the crypto market. However, their presence and endorsement as such has had a colossal impact in terms of liquidity attraction to various projects.

Proper influencer cryptocurrency marketing strategies can indeed have an immense impact on community-building for a crypto project if the proper influencer is selected for the task. Over the last few years, an entire breed of specialized influencers in crypto space has emerged who offer tailored services of crypto promotion to vast audiences of users who are adept in using decentralized services.

Choosing the Right Crypto Influencer

Choosing the right influencer is the key to proper promotion of a project, as there are numerous influencers on the market, but not all of them have quality audiences, or are not specialized in the crypto market. As such, before engaging with any influencers, a project should first analyze the influencer market and formulate a short-list of the ones who have the highest follower counts and specialize in specific contexts.

In addition, influencers will have conversion rate statistics that they would be happy to provide, giving projects an additional factor to analyze and compare before making up their minds on which contractor to work with.

What We Can Offer?

The agency has many years of experience working on the crypto market and possesses multiple lists of influencers who can be of help to a variety of projects. By leveraging their many years of market experience, the professionals at will help their client select the best-suited influencer and fast-track the project to success with one of the most modern and effective forms of advertising and promotion on the crypto market. With their client-oriented approach and numerous testimonials to prove it, the professionals at are dedicated to making sure their clients’ projects find their audiences and liquidity.


An influencer can be a powerful ally in instantly reaching millions of potential users. But only professionals like those at can negotiate the best terms and find the most suitable influencer whose audience and profile match those of the project in question.

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