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98% of youtubers buy views / likes / comments. A lot of crypto influencers have fake stats.

It is really hard to find those that have a really engaged audience with money. However these 2% make maximum results.

Do not even try to find really good influencers by yourself – you will just waste money and time. We have already done that for you. Your time is limited. You can not spend weeks on tests. You know that.

🔥 We have 27 youtubers. Their reviews will bring traffic to your web page and a lot of payments. You will see that within 24 hours from the publication of the video.

🔥 ROI (return on investment) for 1 review is over 400% in average. It is one of the most important and effective crypto services that we have.

🔥 Total stats of these 27 channels: 1.29M subscribers total and average review gets 5035 views.

🔥 Languages: Russia, English,


✅ Sales structure for key points that are to be said in video review in order to have maximum sales = FREE
✅ The list of these 27 verified influencers with contacts = 1500 USD
✅ Your time is limited? Let us do reviews for you from scratch (control key points, correct title, image, description in the video, correct link with UTM tag to track the results). You have zero risks in getting scammed in this case. 4 reviews = 1600 USD + budget for influencers themselves (in average 600$ per 1 review).


❗️Please not that we DO NOT provide the list.

This info is not public. The list would be public if there was zero value in it. Since we have spent a lot of budget and make a lot of tests and we know for sure that results from these reviews will be really high – the list itself is part of the service.

So you either buy the list and work with influencers yourself or we make reviews for you. There are no any other options available.





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