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About this case

The client

Client’s request: get maximum leads from Google Ads who will buy paid subscription for their trading signals

What has been done: as you know the main problem with crypto campaigns is to pass moderation since “crypto” has been banned since 2018. We have used old google accounts, total amount of budget spent on them is over 25.000$

Once we have realised that it was hard to compete with leaders such as etoro and plus500, we concentrated on quality of ads. We have done many AB tests and finnaly got a good CTR.

Also we have used automatic strategy aimed at conversions. As the result price of conversion has dropped significantly.

We got 1007 leads, 70 people paid at least 1 month

Starter – 30

Premium – 23

Ultimate – 17

Total amount of deposits got 22.480$

45 out of 70 continued the subscription.

10 people granted money control according to the following packages.

Basic – 5

Advanced – 3

Comprehensive – 2

Total profit for Account Management got 30.000$

Total ROI for both services got 337%.

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