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Trackers listing for Monart


About this case

We no longer provide the service for submitting you! You do it on your own!

First the client had to fill our google spreadsheet in order to have all the needed information for all possible trackers listing in future.

Once the table was filled by the client, our manager goes through the info and checks it out.

monart case screenshot 1

Once we have started submitting his project, the client had several requests and asked us to help with increasing ratings as several ratings.

We have added and corrected the information, also we worked out with the team of moderators from ICO trackers key points, that where needed for maximum rating.

The key decision was to increase the activity in social networks, which is constantly monitored by the teams of the most trustworthy ICO trackers.

It is quite often that once the project is submitted, clients ask to update the info. Either the dates change or projects have new team members who are to be added in the profile.

We quickly reacted to such requests and made updates on all of them.

As a result, by the start of the project, Monart STO was placed on 66 ICO trackers targeted at different audiences in the USA, Europe and Asia with a total traffic of more than 10,000,000 views per month.

trackers listing

We no longer provide the service for submitting you! You do it on your own!

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