Video Marketing for Crypto

People don’t want to waste time reading long white papers or studying your web.

Your potential investors or visitors want to see the key idea of your project.

Video marketing is the best solution for that.

We create a 1-2 minutes scenario and produce a quality video to highlight the key values of your project, so everyone can understand who you are, what you do, and why the world needs your product.

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Videos are considered to be the most effective form of visual perception for a number of weighty reasons. First, videos allow the introduction of a large amount of visual and audio content into a small timeframe. Second, videos are easily distributable across all available audio-visual channels like social media, the internet and many others. And third – videos are more memorable, as the sky is the limit in terms of the creativity of those making the video and aiming to insert a core message into the content they are conveying.

The cryptocurrencies market is no stranger to the existence of crypto videos, as they have been around the space in the form of ad banners and professionally, or amateur-filmed movies ever since the ICO market boom. Crypto video marketing is one of the avenues that has since been used to great effect by marketing agencies and separate projects for advancing their products and services on such streaming and video-hosting platforms as YouTube.

Video Advertising Crypto Services

Having a video is only half the matter, as a crypto video also has to be properly positioned. This is where the video coin crypto advertising and promotional approach on a professional level comes into play. Video cryptocurrency ads are extremely effective at getting the message of a project through. They also become even more effective if they contain some prominent persons or influencers who are rallying for the project.

The services on offer that involve crypto video placement include their distribution and positioning on targeted channels, where select audiences will be able to view them. Among such platforms are YouTube, some streaming services like Twitch, and Telegram channels. However, some services like YouTube prohibit cryptocurrency ads, which is why clever marketers employ different tactics to ensure the placement of related video content.

Crypto Video Making Process

The process of making a crypto video should start from the analysis of the project the video will be about. With the core message selected and refined into a short, captivating and memorable text that is catchy and attractive, the project can start the filming process. Ideally, videos should not exceed a minute in length, as few viewers will have the patience to watch long videos. The video should also have a memorable character. A CG character, or mascot, is a good means of attracting attention. With the abundance of NFTs and metaverses around, selecting a proper character for a video is not a difficult task these days.

What We Can Offer?

The agency has extensive experience in scripting and filming a wide variety of crypto videos for promotional and other purposes. With its client-oriented approach and comprehensive pricing, that is both cost-effective and high value for money, the agency offers a broad range of crypto advertising services. has numerous credentials and client testimonials to prove its expertise, as well as the market experience to field any project both efficiently and effectively.


Crypto video advertising is one of the most popular and affordable ways of promoting a project. And with the help of an experienced agency like, the process becomes both comprehensive and effective.

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