Crypto Landing Page Creation

✅ Landing page design (PSD) = 5-10 days

✅ PC and mobile HTML markup (PSD to HTML) = google speed of the page 90+ (green zone) = 5-10 days

✅ Adding mark up on wordpress and making the web easily editable on wordpress admin panel = 2 days

✅ Additional design options (design for the white paper, banners or any other graphics) = by request


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A crypto project is the veneer that users see about it. Though the adage is a bit unfair, considering that project teams put a lot of effort into their products and rely on advanced technologies to develop cutting-edge services in the financial and other industries, the fact of the matter is that users are often obtuse. Judging a book by its cover is still highly relevant, not only in the publishing industry, but also on the crypto market, where hundreds of projects are vying for user attention.

In a very superficial world, where looks determine success, or the appearance of it, crypto projects must look at the examples of social media to realize that first impressions are the key. Much like in Instagram, where fake photos can make the impression of beauty, style, glamour or financial success, so too does a website make the first impression of a blockchain project.

This is where the landing page of a crypto project comes in as the determining factor in attracting users to the product or service offering, ensuring traffic and continue reading down to the essence of the product on offer.

What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is the first page of a website that hosts users the moment they are redirected to it from a direct search query or a link. A crypto landing page serves exactly the same purpose, ushering users to the first page describing the essence of the project and its product or service offering.

A crypto landing page has two main purposes that it has to fulfill as quickly and as efficiently as possible. The first purpose is to catch the attention of users and give them an instant, brisk and engaging overview of the project’s essence. The second and most important purpose of the crypto landing page is encouraging users to take action.

How to Create a Crypto Landing Page?

A cryptocurrency landing page can be created using any of the many available website constructors that allow users to tailor their online presence to suit their purposes.

A landing page for crypto projects must follow a specific structure that will encourage users to continue scrolling down to the essence of the product or service. There are a few key elements that have to be present in any effective crypto landing page:

– A stark and impressive design;
– Concise information that instantly clarifies the essence of the project;
– Bold lettering that conveys the atmosphere of the project’s target industry;
– Minimal distracting elements that would not detract from the calls to action;
– Brief and memorable descriptions of the project’s key advantages and product offering.

Among the other important elements that have to be present on any quality landing page is a funneled structure that ushers users to the main explanation and action elements of the project, such as the white paper, the social media channels, or sales platforms. Another important element of the crypto landing page is the structured design that segregates the main constituents of the project’s offering into easily readable blocks.

A pretty HTML crypto landing page must serve the purpose of capturing the attention of users and encouraging them that the project has value and can be profitable in the short or long term, depending on the user’s aims. Ultimately, the landing page must convert visitors into community members, who will be providing liquidity and usability.

Benefits of Creation Landing Page with Us

Creating a crypto landing page requires expertise. That is why projects seeking to develop an effective and captivating landing page must seek out experienced professionals capable of catering to the needs of their users. Among the most experienced and reputable crypto advertising agencies on the market is, which offers a host of over 30 advertising services along with landing page creation at affordable prices.

The agency has the testimonials to match and the use cases to prove its expertise in the crypto industry after having operated on it for years. Having supported dozens of projects over the years, the professionals at know what crypto enthusiasts expect to see the moment they visit a project’s page.

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