Email marketing for Swinca


About this case

First of all the task was to find a good ESP (email service provider) that has a perfect deliverability and has not banned ICO/cryptocurrency. For example, Mailchimp is quite good. However it has banned ICO/STO/cryptocurrency long time ago. So we first took a verified ESP. Then created a content plan for the email marketing series.

Once the content plan was approved by swinca team, our copywriters made content and text for each email.

Then the team approved emails and we finally made design.

This is how the 1st email looks like.

Swinca email picture

Swinca email picture2
Swinca email picture3

So once design and layout were ready – the next step was technical part.

We helped to connect the web and the ESP via API so that each and every email left on the web – immediately got into email marketing series. Without any email confirmation.

And the final part – values for the domain – SPF/DKIM/DMARC.

They DO much impact on the deliverability of emails. Besides we have also recommend to buy a dedicated server so that inbox was 100%.

We create an email marketing strategy for your project. We execute a full technical part from scratch: choose ESP (email service provider) for emailing (as you may know, most of the email services have banned crypto so we will only use verified ones), create content, design 6 welcome emails and ensure the best deliverability (we add so called SPF/DKIM/DMARC records) so all your emails get into INBOX folder, not spam.

Hello friends

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