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Airdrop crypto promotion for MegaTech

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About this case

We have discussed marketing options for airdrop and the activities themselves.

Once activities have been approved by the client, we started creating the bot.

We added captcha there to make sure that wont be bots in it and only real people will do the activities there.

You can check the bot yourself @megatech_airdrop_bot

You will be able to see all the stats realtime via admin commands.

Sample of stats of other client’s airdrop done by us

And finally there is admin panel for the client allowing to see full stats and send a private message to all the users.

Also export the database with wallets.

Note that most of the users do several tasks. So if we drive 20 000 unique users to you, it means that you get around 60 000 followers into all your social media accounts total.

Hello friends

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