Airdrop Management, Marketing & Promotion

Airdrop promotion

We launch airdrop from scratch.

What you get:

✅ Token economy analysis and our recommendations
✅ Smart airdrop activities creation
✅ Telegram bot developing (lovely admin panel allowing you not only to download the database and see all the stats, but also send private messages via this bot to all airdrop participants, excellent captcha helping to get only real people without bots)
✅ Telegram bot and web integration via API thus allowing us to check email registration automatically
✅ Airdrop promotion at 30 different websites
✅ Support within airdrop campaign

20 000 unique airdrop participants (guaranteed) — 2100 EUR
50 000 unique airdrop participants (guaranteed) — 4300 EUR
100 000 unique airdrop participants (guaranteed) — 6900 EUR


Success case


Usually 80% of airdrop participants do all the tasks inside the bot. It means that if you ask them not only join your telegram chat and channel, but also follow twitter and do retweet there, do the same for facebook/instagram/medium/linkedin – your total audience in all social media accounts can grow up to 560 000 users. No less. Besides all these guys bring free organic traffic together with reposts.

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