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Airdrop Crypto Promotion

Though the ICO era may be over, the many instruments that were employed during it for community building and retention are still applicable and can be leveraged to ensure the promotion of crypto projects. Among the most viral and effective instruments during the ICO era was the airdrop – the free distribution of small amounts of project tokens as rewards for various actions that users had to carry out.

Airdrop promotion really worked, as users were required to follow projects in social media, provide their contact details, or perform some actions to receive the coveted amount of tokens. Users were ready to follow projects by the dozens, engage in bug hunts, write articles, or post content to receive some amount of free airdrop tokens and then sell them off. Some users even made careers of being serial airdrop hunters, seeking out various projects and engaging in their airdrop campaigns to accumulate tokens and quickly sell them on exchanges.

Airdrops of crypto tokens were carried out for other reasons as well – as means of stimulating community activity or attracting new users as part of advertising or marketing campaigns. Such actions were effective to a certain extent, but were largely proven to be a waste of tokens, since most users without any incentive to remain or gain the tokens, sold the received tokens and moved on.

That is why cryptocurrency airdrop campaigns have to be carried out by professionals who know the industry and the mindsets of the users – leveraging their motivation and abilities for the benefit of the project.

What is Cryptocurrency Airdrop?

A crypto airdrop is the distribution of a small amount of tokens to users as rewards for some set of actions required for project promotion or community growth. The point of an airdrop is primarily attracting attention to a project, or receiving something from the community – such as contact details for subsequent advertising, or feedback on product or service functioning through bug hunts and other activities.

Airdrop crypto promotion is an effective marketing tool that makes use of the available pool of tokens within a project to attract and retain users and extract some benefit.

Airdrop Crypto Promotion Service

There are a number of approaches that have to be taken into consideration before an airdrop is launched. First, airdrops are not for free, as the goal is attracting attention and retaining users. That is why projects seeking to simply distribute their tokens for the sake of promotion and increasing the usability of their products or services will soon find that their tokens are instantly sold off on exchanges.

Projects must never conduct airdrops after listing on exchanges, as that will instantly lead to selloffs of the airdropped tokens and the deflation of demand for them.

Projects must create clear guides for users on how to obtain the airdropped tokens. Such an approach will ensure the proper adherence of users to the guidelines of the airdrop and generate organic traffic that will turn into a certain percentage of real users.

Dedicated chats and forums have to be created for the airdrop to make sure users know where to find the relevant details and can be redirected from the dedicated resource to the project’s website. This will also ensure organic traffic and arouse interest towards the project.

What We Can Offer?

Professionals are required to properly run airdrop marketing campaigns, considering the many intricacies involved. A reputable and experienced crypto marketing agency is the key to achieving success with airdrops. Flexe.io offers a host of over 30 services at affordable prices for projects seeking to promote their offerings through airdrops and other means. With dozens of use cases and testimonials from clients stretching back years, Flexe.io is a reliable partner when it comes to airdrop promotion services.


An airdrop can be a powerful instrument for crypto project promotion and organic traffic generation. Flexe.io offers the tools necessary to leverage the power of the given promotional tool and elevate projects up the traction staircase with airdrop campaigns.

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