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Our service will help you to attract investors on a daily basis (unique clicks = visitors) to your web absolutely FREE. You won’t have to pay for them — ICO/STO/IEO trackers (listings) will bring investors to you.

We will submit your project at Icobench, Icoholder, Neironix and other 192 ICO/STO/IEO trackers worldwide — US, Turkish, Russian, Japanese, Korean, etc.

✅ Total traffic on all these webs is 245.82 MLN unique visitors per month

✅ 56% are free, 44% want money for the listing after we submit your project.

Your project will be listed and you will be able to track the result. You and your marketing managers will see clicks from each and every tracker and decide if you want to increase traffic from that platform using its paid options or promotion. If you don’t control your stats, how can you manage it?

How do we do that?

We ask your team to fill out this form. Once we have it, we will submit your project. We will add a personal UTM tag to the link of your web in every tracker so that you could track traffic via google analytics.

✅ It takes 7 days to submit your project manually on all of them.

Read our detailed ICO trackers success case.


✅ The list of the trackers. We give you the list and you submit your project yourself = 1300 USD

✅ To submit your project on all trackers on the list with the help of our team. Save your time! = 2500 USD

✅ Update the info of your project (new dates of token sale, new team members etc) on all of them (if needed) = 225 USD

✅ 4 months support – you can get up to 4 updates of your project’s info within 4 months = 500 USD

Additional services for ICObench:

✅ ICObench basic score (Benchy). We can make it 5 out 5 = 300 USD

✅ ICObench expert ratings with 555. 10 reviews = 2500 USD

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