Ico trackers for East2

East2 has been added on 10 ico trackers before we have started the work.

The key problem in that service is most of the companies never track the result. Nor the projects themselves neither ico agencies.

We not only add the project but also add utm tag. It lets you to know exactly how many clicks you got from this or that tracker. If the number of clicks is good – you can use paid options inside this tracker and scale the traffic.


What has been done:

  1. finding current number of webs where the project has already been listed
  2. forming the list of current trackers
  3. asking the team of the project to fill the table helping us to add as maximum info as possible and get maximum raiting on trackers
  4. submitting project
  5. checking them on a daily basis (whether they have added the project or not – cause sometimes it takes up to 2 weeks due to) queue)


As a result the number of links has increased by 580% and now we have 68 of them (15 are on moderation and still coming). And we did not pay a 1$ to any of them.


Besides as mentioned before we have also added UTM tags everywhere.

This is how it looks like.


So if someone clicks on the homepage.

He will get to this page https://east2.io/?utm_source=findico.io&utm_medium=referral

And that means that east2 managers can know for sure how many clicks they got traffic from findico.io



The price for submitting your project at 240 ico trackers is 1800 eur and takes up to 5-7 days to cover all of them.

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