Airdrop for Icoin and Weemat

First we had discussed marketing options for the airdrop and the activities themselves.

Airdrop marketing

Once activities have been approved by the client, we started creating the bot.

We added captcha there to make sure that wont be bots in it and only real people will join the activities there.

You can check the bot yourself  @weemat_airdrop_bot and @icoinairdrop_bot and 

This is how activities look like inside the bot

Airdrop marketing

And finally there is admin panel for the client allowing to see full stats and send a private message to all the users. Also export the database with wallets.

Once the bot has been created (now it takes no more than 3 days) – we started promoting it.

The result – over 25 000 active users that boosted the community dramatically.


Another airdrop done by our team