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The decentralized finance market is a vast place where thousands of projects are vying for the liquidity and the attention of users and investments alike. Being able to navigate such a vast ocean of offerings is a difficult undertaking that few investors, much less users, are capable of taking on alone. As such, a number of resources have been developed and deployed that aggregate the main metrics of DeFi projects and compile them into comprehensive listings and charts for allowing users to have verifiable and reliable information on the main market players and their performance.

What is DefiPulse?

The DefiPulse resource was established at the dawn of the DeFi market as an aggregator of the key metrics and performance indicators of DeFi projects. The channel monitors the dynamics of price exchange rates, liquidity, market capitalization ratios, APY, total value locked, and many other indicators, and compiles them to provide a clear and unbiased image of the performance of various projects.

DefiPulse also allows the entire DeFi community to monitor the latest trends and happenings on the DeFi market, showing market direction vectors and giving reliable forecasts on potential market movements.

Why Do You Need a DefiPulse Listing?

Since the DeFi market is relatively new and hotly contested territory, projects in DeFi space are in a fierce fight for users and compete for the attention of potential investors. That is why having DefiPulse listing is one of the main prerequisites for being both noticed on the market and being monitored by potential users.

Listing on DefiPulse is an important milestone for any DeFi project, as the resource requires the project to submit an application with exhaustive information about its product offering. The resource also has a list of strict requirements and conducts stringent verification of the projects it is considering for listing. Such procedures, if passed and the result is listing on DefiPulse, provide the project with an important off-ramp into the largest audience of DeFi users on the market.

Benefits of Listing on DefiPulse

Among the main benefits of DefiPulse listing are visibility and verifiability. Since the resource tracks the performance of listed projects in real time, the listed project can be certain that numerous market participants will be seeing its performance and may consider investing. Such listing also acts as an important passive advertising venue that projects can leverage to showcase their liquidity, market capitalization, and the real yields they provide.

Apart from the aforementioned, the biggest benefit that listing on DefiPulse offers is credibility, since investors know how difficult the listing procedure is. As such, listed projects are virtually automatically excluded from the category of scams that the DeFi market is rampant with.

What We Can Offer? is a highly experienced team of professionals with years of expertise in crypto market affairs. The agency offers its clients the opportunity to streamline and guarantee the listing procedure on DefiPulse, making sure that communication with the resource’s team is both smooth and constructive. By leveraging its experience and market credibility, the team at provides clients round-the-clock support and high degrees of success when getting onto the fast track to market success.


DefiPulse is an essential resource on the DeFi market that allows users to see the performance of various projects, while giving said projects the opportunity to gain both visibility and credibility among a vast audience of users and potential investors. The team at makes the listing process on DefiPulse both smooth and comprehensive for its clients, relying on years of experience and a high degree of responsibility before its reputation and clients.

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