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When it comes to market entry, being visible on major resources is the main step that projects have to make when seeking visibility among users. The crypto market is well-established enough to have its own aggregator resources and websites that monitor market dynamics and provide reliable information on the main metrics of leading and all other coins vying for the interest and attention of traders and users across the decentralized economy.

What is CoinMarketCap?

Coinmarketcap is the premier aggregator of all market prices, exchange rates, and other key metrics on cryptocurrencies across all decentralized markets. The resource includes all of the major coins and tokens listed on exchanges and Coinmarketcap listing in itself is a huge milestone for any project seeking to make a market entry.

Having a listing on Coinmarketcap means that the project is reliable enough to have a market capitalization that can be noticed and taken into account during trading. It takes a lot of effort for a project to get a listing on Coinmarketcap since the resource places a number of requirements before potential projects. Among the requirements for CMC listing are:

– Leveraging of crypto-assets with a functional technical underpinning;
– A functional website that contains all of the key information about the project;
– Be open for trading on exchanges;
– Have a full-time, dedicated representative for communication with Coinmarketcap regarding any issues that may ensue once the application for listing has been submitted.

Why Do You Need a CoinMarketCap Listing?

Any project that wants to add credibility to its image has to have a presence on verifiable and reputable resources. Among such resources is Coinmarketcap, which acts as the go-to hub among crypto investors when they seek information about key project metrics for fundamental and technical analysis.

Exchange listing on Coinmarketcap is just as difficult as project listing since exchanges are major hubs of activity and operate large amounts of funds. Coinmarketcap listing requirements are especially strict for exchanges, as the guidelines for application submission include a large number of legal documents for verifying liquidity and for compliance with AML policies.

Benefits of Listing on CoinMarketCap

Among the main benefits of listing on Coinmarketcap is a boost to credibility and presence on one of the most prominent resources on the market. With such visibility, a project proves its reliability before investors, as Coinmarketcap conducts stringent checks of projects and exchanges before allowing their assets to be listed on it.

What We Can Offer?

When seeking a listing on Coinmarketcap, a project must have a considerable amount of experience in application submission – something that few professionals on the market can boast of. has the necessary expertise and experience in listing projects and exchanges on Coinmarketcap after years of operating on the market and submitting numerous proposals for consideration to the resource. When working with, clients receive quality services and a high degree of guarantee of being accepted for listing on Coinmarketcap, as well as the benefits of round-the-clock support.


Coinmarketcap is the bar when it comes to judging crypto projects. Having a presence on the resource is vital to be considered seriously by potential investors and users. offers its expertise for streamlining the listing process in a hassle-free and efficient fashion.

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