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If someone is providing you any other wallets than these, please stop communication with this person and warn us about that immediately.

If you paid to any other wallets – it means you got scammed.


USDT BEP20 – 0xa2fFD293145d89D61b39a2842F35a52E89a317f5

USDT ERC20 – 0xa2fFD293145d89D61b39a2842F35a52E89a317f5

BNB – 0xa2fFD293145d89D61b39a2842F35a52E89a317f5

ETH – 0xa2fFD293145d89D61b39a2842F35a52E89a317f5

BTC – bc1q9pc4vku7ltsg33963gaqxlzujc8lwhe9s28xck

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