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Bounty (25k members


We will create your bounty bitcointalk topic, make a deep investigation of your token economy and marketing needs so that bounty activities could be as relevant as possible.

Besides that we not only promote your bounty campaign, but also track all the results. It means that if someone puts signature in the forum — you will be able to know for sure how much traffic you got thanks to it and how much ETH was raised. Bounty is not only about awareness and hype, it can easily bring your ETH if it is smart.

The same for any other activities such as posts/reposts, articles in crypto blogs or videos on youtube. We make really good requirements for them so that there could be maximum profit from all the activities and you could know exactly how much ETH was raised from each and every activity.

We have emails and telegram usernames of over 200 000 bounty managers that will be happy to join your campaign once we start working.

The price is 600$ per week + 9% of bounty token allocation.
We guarantee at least 25k members within the whole bounty campaign.