How to Work with Affiliate Program?

Welcome to the partners personal account video instruction

1. Sign Up Page

  1. As a first step you go to the affiliate program registration page using this link: After that you enter your name, email address and password.

  2. Next you press “Sign up” and see the main page with the generated unique link: This is the link you provide to your customers.
    You can share the Referral link using your social media accounts, messengers, business cards, news websites, video hosting services and other options.
    Any media sources where you can find your clients will do.
  3. If you have already signed up before, then you need to click the “Sign in” button down below., leading to the sign in page:
  4. When trying to re-register with the data already existing in the service, you will be offered to sign in through the authorization page.

2. Sign In Page

  1. The next time you Sign in using the same link but clicking the Sign in button down below:
  2. To sign in the service you will need to enter the
    1. email;
    2. password;
    3. and press the sign up button after that.
  3. If the system cannot find a username/password combination , this may be because
    1. the username or password entered are Incorrect, you should request a new password by email(5);
    2. or the Login and password combination is not yet in the system, then you will need to sign up(4).
  4. If the password has been lost, you can restore it through the password recovery page by clicking on the link
  5. You need to enter the email from which you registered in the system and within an hour the system administrator will send a new password to your email.

3. QR & Link – The main page of the service

  1. After the first registration and future logins, you get to the main page of the service
    So the Basic interface elements are:
    1. Navigation bar(1);
    2. Generated QR code with download buttons(2);
    3. Unique affiliate link with quick copy button(3);
    4. Contact us options(4);
    5. and the Feedback form(5).
  2. The navigation bar contains the page control buttons of the service:
    1. QR & Link – current page;
    2. Statistics – contains information on clients who came through a referral link;
    3. Wallets – with wallet information;
    4. Logout – to log out of your account.
  3. The QR-code and referral link are generated automatically after the first registration in the service.. The Quick action buttons added for ease of use are: download QR-code in .JPG and .SVG formats (to place on websites) and copy link button (copies the link to the clipboard as an equivalent to highlighting the link and using CTRL + C).
  4. The contact panel displays the main channels of communication with the service technical support:
    1. Personal telegram ( technical and financial support services for quick communication on the operation of the service;
    2. Email (mailto:[email protected]) technical and financial support services for quick communication on the operation of the service.
  5. The feedback form is designed to collect information on the operation of the service. Here you can leave feedback about the service, suggest your corrections or improvements.

4. Statistics – Service statistics page

  1. The statistics page displays information about clients who used the your referral link:
    Here you can see:
    1. Navigation bar(1);
    2. General statistics panel for all your clients(2);
    3. Detailed information on each partner client (3)
    4. Detailed information on each client(4);
    5. Feedback form(5).
  2. The navigation bar and feedback form are the same as described in the section “Main page of the service – QR & Link”
  3. The general statistics panel displays the following information:
    1. Total number of clients came using the referral link(1);
    2. Total number of successful sales(2);
    3. Total profit of the referral program(3);
    4. Balance available for withdrawal(4);
    5. The current percentage of the referral program assigned to you(5). Starting percentage – 10%, the percentage can increase with the your sales volume
  4. A panel with detailed information for each client who came through the referral program.
    Displays the following information:
    1. Unique customer number in the sales system(1);
    2. The name of the client, given when he contacted through the referral link(2);
    3. The client’s transaction amount, displayed only for successful sales(3);
    4. Client deal status: pending, closed successfully, closed unsuccessfully(4).
  5. The history of withdrawal requests and approved requests panel displays information on all financial flows from your side
    Displays the following information:
    1. Request Date(1);
    2. Withdrawal Request Amount(2);
    3. Request execution status: pending, paid, rejected(3).
  6. To withdraw accumulated funds, you must use the “Withdrawal request” button(2). If your balance equals zero, the system will not allow you to send a withdrawal request.
  7. The minimum withdrawal amount is $500. If the minimum balance conditions are met, the entry “pending” will appear in the request history panel(3). After that the request will go to the financial department of
  8. The amount is paid to one of the wallets added to the system..
  9. After checking and making a positive decision, within 48 hours you will be notified via communication channels about the payment, and the status of the application after the payment will change the status to “paid”
  10. If your transaction has been pending for a long time, you can contact the technical support adding all the necessary information:
    1. Your Name;
    2. Your Email;
    3. Request type: financial or technical;
    4. the purpose of the request: if the question is related to a specific client, then you must specify the transaction number.

5. Wallets – Affiliate Wallet Page

  1. On the wallets page, you add the possible options for withdrawing funds to your account.
    Basic interface elements:
    1. Navigation bar(1);
    2. Wallet entries(2);
    3. Feedback form(3).

  2. You can add multiple withdrawal options by specifying all the wallets you have.
  3. After adding a new wallet or editing an existing wallet, you must click the “Save” button, otherwise the affected changes will not be saved.
  4. The navigation bar and the feedback form are the same as described in the “Main page of the service – QR & Link” section.

6. Logout

  1. To successfully log out of the system, just click on the “Logout” button in the navigation bar on any pages of the service.
    This will lead to deauthentication and you will get to the authorization page..

7. How to work with referral link

  1. After you have acquired the referral link (1), you need to convey it to a potential client in any convenient way.
  2. Regardless of how the client follows the link, there is an important rule: the client must not change the link while following it. Otherwise, the referral number will not be recorded and the client will get to us without his referral number. And as a result, the client will not be assigned to the partner.
  3. In case the client loses the referral number, we promise that we will take all necessary actions to link a client to a designated partner. We do not want to deceive our partners, this is not our mission.
  4. If everything is correct and the client follows the link, then the partner’s unique identificator will be saved on the site.
    The client only needs to fill out the “Contact us” form, which is located at the bottom of the page.
  5. We kindly ask all partners to inform clients that the form must be filled out accurately. Otherwise, we will not be able to contact the client and the inconvenience will occur for both you and us.

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