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Email marketing

It takes 2 to 4 weeks for an average ICO investor to make a final decision to buy tokens or not. So if you dont have any auto emails that you send within these 2-4 weeks — you simply lose your client’s attention. With the help of email marketing welcome series you can add more value about the project as well as put away objections that might be in heads of investors.

Besides you have to touch your potential client all this time (within these 2-4 weeks) — that lets you to increase the probability of buying your tokens and the conversion from registrations into payments by 30-50%

👉How it works: we create an email marketing strategy for 8 emails, content, text, design, layout and finally make a technical part so that emails could be sent automatically to all your registrations. And everyone got them inbox, not spam folder

2500 EUR — one time payment, 1-2 weeks
Audit of your current email marketing = free

We can create an email marketing strategy for your ICO, make a full technical part from scratch — choosing ESP for emailing (as you may know, most of the email services have banned ICO already), make design and layout for 8 emails for your welcome series and create the best deliverabilty so that all your emails got into INBOX folder.

Also more and more people are using messengers.
That is the reason we can a make a copy of email series inside bots on telegram and facebook to make sure that all of the messages are read and got to the recipients.

Audit of your email marketing campaign = FREE
Welcome series = 2500 EUR
Telegram funnel = 1500 EUR
Facebook funnel = 1500 EUR