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Daily posts

in bitcointalk ANN topic

Bitcointalk.org is top 1 crypto forum worldwide
There are 19.6 million visitors there every month.

However the are over 5000 ICO projects now. So the competition is really high.

3 main reasons WHY it is really important to have a good activity inside your topic:

1. Most ICO trackers (listings) monitor your ANN topic and decrease your HYPE score if the activity is low (you can check icobench, trackico, icopulse as a proof)
2. Most exchanges analyze your topic before making decision of whether to list your project or not so if the activity is good — chances are much higher
3. Most of the ICO investors check your topic before making any decision to buy your tokens. If your topic is dead, no way anyone will invest or you will be able to close your hard cap.

3 posts per day = 790 EUR per month

If you have any wishes of what our team should post about — welcome, we will take any of your recommendations into consideration and make it the way you like it.