Conversion audit

The time of short token sales is gone. Now an average ICO/STO/IEO project takes about a year to launch.

Pre-ICO (pre-sale) and ICO (crowd-sale) take 2-3 months.

It is smart to start SEO promotion and create free organic traffic as soon as possible.

We can boost your web page traffic. You will see first results within 1-3 months. You do not have to wait for years.

Average monthly payment for SEO promotion is 1000 EUR.There are 2 main metrics (stats) that any ICO/STO project should pay attention to.

They are:

1 — conversion from unique clicks on the web page to registrations (leads)

2 — conversion from registrations to payments

If you do not monitor these 2 stats on a daily basis, you do not manage fundraising in general.

If you measure your metrics and want to increase both, or you buy too much traffic but too few people DO pay — time to do the conversion audit to find weak points of your webpage. Our team will offer solutions to your problems.

We will analyze your google analytics and find at least 15 weak points. We will offer methods and ways to increase the conversion.

We identify the weak points and give you recommendations of how to improve the situation.

1000 EUR, 5 business days

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