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The coin is the most vaunted asset on the crypto market, making it the most coveted asset among investors and crypto enthusiasts. Coins are mined and sold on the open decentralized market for fractions of dollars or tens of thousands, making and ruining fortunes in hours. But how attractive a coin appears to investors and the appeal of its luster as a value carrier and means of payment depends solely on the promotional efforts taken prior to its launch.

The community of traders and investors is what acts as the backbone of any digital asset, providing liquidity and turnover. But community building relies heavily on the promotional efforts undertaken to ensure the popularity of the coin in question. This is where coin marketing comes into play as a highly specific and demanding aspect of decentralized asset fielding.

What is Coin Marketing?

Coin marketing is a set of activities that determine the future potential and success of a crypto coin. Given the undeniable fact of the matter that most digital assets rely on their popularity and the essence conveyed through them to audiences in their ability to generate income behind a guise of advanced technologies and applicability, coins promotion takes center stage as the determining factor in the success of a coin.

The tools employed by a coin PR agency or any other dedicated marketing agency are virtually the same as those employed when advertising and promoting tokens. However, given the technical complexities and requirements from miners when generating a coin, the approach to marketing a coin is slightly different. Among the instruments used for promoting coins are:

  •         Coin ads on listings, exchanges and other sources frequented by miners and traders;
  •         Publications in the media about the coin, promoting its application;
  •         Coins ads in technical media, highlighting its characteristics;
  •         Community building;
  •         Social network promotion;

These and other tools are employed when advertising coin offerings and their applicability as a value carrier or investment instrument.

Process of Promoting a New Coin

Once a new coin is developed, the first thing that should be conducted is proper analysis of its technical characteristics, competitive advantages and market positioning. A marketing agency that undertakes to promote a new coin must first understand where the product would best for and which audiences should be targeted.

The first step to launching a promotion campaign for a new coin is the development of a website that would convey both value and attract users to carry out target actions. Traffic generated onto the website must be retained, which is where the design comes into play. Providing the most amount of information in a contracted and memorable format is critical to fit into the time a user would allocate to reading the project’s website.

The next step is the generation of a community of followers who would believe in the coin and act as its miners, thus creating the necessary technical network for the functioning of the asset. Constant communication through social media, forums and other channels is vital to maintain community interest and convey a perpetual sense of project development.

The next stage is the pre-sale phase at which hype is generated and the asset is promoted among a broader audience of traders and users. At this stage, the website will be acting as the main funnel, ushering users to carry out target actions and purchase the coin.

What We Can Offer?

Considering the abundance of assets on the market, any new coin that wishes to remain competitive must rely on professional marketing agencies for promotion. The key factors for selecting such an agency are experience and repute. Agencies like have been operating on the market for years and offer a host of over 30 affordable and high quality services for coin promotion. In addition to a solid reputation, boasts numerous testimonials and client cases, highlighting its professionalism and expertise.

A new coin is more than just a digital asset, it is an undertaking that requires effort to reach its full potential. Efforts that agencies like can help develop.

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