Why is it important to promote a topic on BitcoinTalk for your crypto project in 2021?

BitcoinTalk promotion is a good way to raise brand awareness. Forums are excellent promotion tools when used wisely. When you register on a forum, you enter a community that has rules and practices you have to follow. The promotion experts are aware of special forum promotion strategies that help to achieve the goal easier. It helps to:

  • Improve company image;
  • Reduce costs on promotion due to efficient distribution;
  • Gain better viability;
  • Increase brand recognition;
  • Provide information to potential clients;
  • Make promotion more efficient. 

What problems can arise

  • The climate on the forum is important for the forum quality. Much depends, for instance, upon the way the forum is administered. 
  • There is a risk of misbehaving members of the community that is often caused by anonymity. The brands can be drawn into argumentations leading to a loss of reputation and credibility. 
  • It’s hard to keep communication on the forum on an acceptable level, while the voice of an unsatisfied customer becomes more widespread than a satisfied client. However, on the other hand, it is an excellent way of finding a fast solution to a problem. 

However, despite these drawbacks forums are irreplaceable in terms of ‘cost-quality’. Especially, such forums as Bitcointalk. 

Bitcointalk is a top, global crypto forum with about 3 million visits. Promotion of a thread on Bitcointalk can be performed by promotion agencies or copywriters who study the website, whitepaper, and details of the project to create a content plan based on them. The task of a promotion company is to make your thread popular and attract the attention of Bitcointalk users. It will also help you to raise brand awareness. The comments are posted from different accounts and locations every day to raise the thread higher, imitating the dialogue with themselves and trying to involve visitors of the resource.

It’s convenient to outsource the promotion work to let professionals do their work and achieve the result. If you see the branches on Bitcointalk that exceeded 100 pages, it is most probably the effort of the promotion agency. 

What work is conducted behind the scenes when a do-it-yourself strategy is applied? The person who is going to promote the resource on Bitcointalk buys accounts and uses the services of a copywriter for writing comments. The price of the Bitcointalk account depends upon its maturity. The fresh accounts are cheap, while the old accounts are more expensive. Many projects attract a new audience to the forum, targeting countries where interest in such projects is growing. Use a rocket or fire emoji in the branch name – it really works.

It’s better to use old accounts with a very good signature to maintain the branch. It’s also essential to leave high-quality comments in other popular branches. Buy the account with Bitcoins on Bitcointalk, which allows posting pictures in messages. It enables your posts to have a good layout of the main thread post, telling the basic info about the project. 

What should be included in the main thread post?

  • Links to all social networks. It is preferable to use pictures for that. 
  • Links to the whitepaper and the website. The most popular place to leave a link is to use a signature for that.
  • It’s recommended to include images of the site interface, the roadmap of the company, info about the team, and everything that is hard to explain in texts (graphics, charts, for instance). 
  • Apply formatting to the text to make it look good-looking. Use different colors and large prints. 
  • Structure the text well. It should be perceived well by the audience so structuring can be helpful for it.
  • Don’t forget to monitor the commentaries and always answer them. 

As it was mentioned already, the ANN topic is monitored all the time by numerous ICO, IEO, and STO trackers, listings to determine the HYPE score. The project should publish posts on a daily basis. This topic can be helpful when you try to enlist your tokens as exchanges watch your activity on the forum. However, not only exchanges explore the data about your crypto project when they see the crypto coin is worth buying. The dead thread is a bad sign and this decreases the number of investors. 

In case the company needs to generate the activity, it can apply to Flexe that works over such tasks. The free trials are available.