Why is email marketing important for promoting crypto and blockchain companies in 2021?

In the situation of uncertainly with crypto regulation and constantly changing rules in the industry, crypto projects faced the challenge: to find some substitute that could bring effective results despite these restrictions. What method of promotion is the best for the growth of the crypto or blockchain project if you can’t use the main channel to attract the audience? Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google and other major platforms that gather millions of users refused to place ads of crypto companies. However, marketers started polishing other methods to reach the audience. In this way, email marketing is becoming the main communication tool with potential investors. Email marketing is one of the most brilliant alternatives in the arsenal of marketing tools. This method of promotion shouldn’t be neglected when you promote crypto and blockchain projects. In this article, you will learn what tasks email marketing helps to solve and how to use it correctly to promote ICO. What tasks does email marketing solve?  And how to make email marketing more effective?

The goals of email marketing:

  • Email marketing serves to attracts investors

Place the subscription form on the website of the project, which is the first step needed to attract and build communications with potential investors. But if you plan to attract investors from the European Union, do not forget about the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) rules.

  • The newsletter informs and tells the details of the project

It is not easy for investors to understand the essence, goals and advantages of the project even after the person’s visit to the site covering all important details. The information can be too complicated. It can be difficult to perceive it. Using a series of letters, you can tell about the project, demonstrate the whitepaper and roadmap to potential investors, announce the Pre-Sale, and describe the airdrop.

  • Increases trust in the project

The level of trust in ICOs is relatively low because only 48% of token sales were successful in 2017. The situation only deteriorates here as investors have become more cautious. Therefore, regular interaction via email newsletters increases the credibility of the project and sparks the interest of those who want to invest.

How to make email marketing more effective for crypto company?

  1. Create a database of users

This is easy to do with help of certain functional and a subscription form, which is a necessary marketing tool. Everything is based on it in email marketing. Placed on the web site, it serves to create the list of potential investors. This is a starting point for customer-client relationships. Explain why they need to receive a newsletter. Usually, companies encourage you to subscribe to be aware of all news updates, so customers are driven by the fear of missing out on something important. People often find it easier to provide their addresses not to miss the latest news of the project.

  1. Divide your subscriber base

This is especially acute if you go globally and have potential customers from different regions of the world. It means that your customer base is multi-lingual. The crypto market is international, so organize the list taking into account the language spoken by a potential investor. To do this, invite the user to choose their own language in the subscription form. Or make a multilingual site and place an appropriate target form on it.

Having received the necessary information, you will be able to divide the database into language segments and send letters in a language that is clear to subscribers.

  1. Introduce new arrivals to the product

It can be difficult even for experienced participants to understand ICO projects. Moreover, at first glance at the landing page. Set up a series of automated emails after registration to communicate the concept and goals of the project.  So you will establish contact with a potential investor and help you get acquainted with the developed technology.

Many companies welcome new subscribers with introductory content. The letter briefly tells about the product and adds a link to the main project document – whitepaper.

As you see, email marketing presents an excellent communication channel for the promotion of the company, its services or a product. Just learn to use it properly.